Friday, November 8, 2013

The Shocking Along The Journey!

So I had a weird shopping moment, shocking right?!?  :)~ 

Anyway, I was kinda tired...daddy had the older two with him as he went to pick up an item...

So was kind of mindlessly wondering through the store....looking at one of the high shelves as I moved my cart haphazardly into the isle...blocking a young man's way. I became quickly aware as he sighed loudly and looked quite agitated... 

I smiled~ obviously  embarrassed, and said "I was so sorry" as I moved my cart back over.. 

Well, this young man grabbed his private parts in a male-dominating manner, cocked his head to the side as he strolled by (still thrusting himself~ I might add! Yeah, I was mortified!) saying "I'm sorry *Hmmph* I like that!! That's what I'm talking about.."

I was a little shocked! 
This wasn't the response I expected, but it got me thinking... 

Was the world so unkind to the young man that he honestly thought I was being rude on purpose?  

Why was he surprised that I would apologize? 

Has the world changed so much and I missed it while raising a family? 

Why do know what I would rather not know that last one.

I guess I am thankful that my girls were not with me...well, one was, but she was sleeping in the buggy.
I know one thing, they grow up learning to treat people nicely if I have anything to say about it. 
We make mistakes...that's why we have "I'm sorry-s." 

Second of all... 
I am starting to see myself as and old lady with the embarrassment factor of a teenage girl! Well, I guess that's why I have a blog! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Breaking The Sugar Chain

Well, here we are a week after our trip home (more of that on the in the previous post...and we getting back on the healthy track! We came home on Halloween day, and life seemed to add more sweets on us!

We took the kids out to Noni & Papas for dinner with all of their little cousins, and then let the trick-or-treat on their street so it wasn't that much candy...but still it all adds up!

So being the sneaky mama I am....I replaced all of the candy in the candy dishes with individually wrapped dried prunes! Muuaaaahhhhaaaaaaa!!! Yes, that's right, PRUNES!!!!!

One of my daughters has always had tummy trouble so I figured~ Win, WIN!!!!

We shall see how it goes, but so far 2 of my three like them...

So here is to all your mamas trying to break the sugar chain with your, have a candy! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

...When The Journey Takes Us Home.

As a family we have been given such a gift!!! We are going home to see my sweet southern family!!! I haven't been home for two year and most of my family have never met my yeah, EXCITED!!!!!

So now I am packing...preparing...and figuring out how to deal with 3 hyper girls on a small airplane! Trying to get this house cleaned up...yeah, I don't think it's gonna happen in time. Also, getting to the store to pick up our last minute items...

I am also trying to talk myself into eating healthy on the trip, and reminding myself to drink my water!!! All that good Southern Food will be everywhere...oh dear!!!

We are also have a few family dinners, parties, and get-to-gathers!!! So yeah, we are really excited!!! I just hope we can see everyone...always a few me miss seeing as there is so seldom enough time....

We are almost ready to go....

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lesson Plans & Lattes

I have really learned to enjoy my Friday afternoons with Homeschooling!! Have I mentioned that we just finished our first month of Homeschooling and we love it!!! Anyway, we have a few tests on Fridays, and some class work, but we are usually done a little earlier than the other days during the week. So I always plan to enjoy that time...with some quiet time to get refreshed and organized for the up and coming week!

I have a rather large window in my living room from which I have a great view of the garden(who are we kidding, it's dying),  swing set, and most importantly~ my children. I love watching them play!!! I cozy up with a nice drink~ today was Vanilla Chia Latte~ AMAZING!!! I just relax, and remember why I chose this path and how blessed I am...breathe.
After I am nice and relaxed it is time to work on my lesson plans...and sip my latte of course! 

I LOVE pretty much everything in my life is color-coded!  Yeah, even my lesson plan book!
So here is to another week... 
A happy, bright, and colorful one at that!!! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Bingo Moment!

So this weekend was a know the kind?? You know, where half of the time you are running around all crazy and the other half you are frustrated because you are getting NOTHING done!?!? Yep, that is how it was around here...

So Saturday it seemed to take us forever to leave the house.. Hubby need to go a few towns over to a certain store and we all decided to make a day of it. We literally stopped 3 times within 10 minutes... The kids were melting down, hubby was upset, and I was fighting tears!!! Then hubby decided he didn't really want to go...he decided to just one one town over in the other direction, smart man!

Well, on the way we stopped to get some food...and with just a few words, signs, and grumbles~ my dam broke! I had a full blown mommy meltdown! I'm signing, voicing, screaming, and crying all at the same time...I'm sure scaring other drivers if they happened to look over!!! As I am going on in my now mortifying tirade I am excruciatingly honest: "I can't make all of  you happy...I'm done! There is only one of me and I am exhausted! So you can just make  your own selves happy!!!"


Did you ever see the episode of Seinfeld where someone asks guest star Marlee Matlin "What are you, Deaf?!?" She replies "Bingo!"
Anyway...that how I think! In video clips and this mama had a true "Bingo Moment!"

*~You need to just get happy! Until you do, it will all be okay... ~*

Sometimes I feel that I was placed here to make everyone happy... I want everyone to be happy...happy and healthy! I heard a quote and it is so true "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." I don't know who said it, but boy did they get it right! I am that mother~ well, I learning not to be...

I also want want my husband to be happy... I try to help him, take care of him, and in return he protects and provides for us. It is how our family works and most of the time works know most of the time. ;)
With that said, he is also capable to finding happiness in living a good spending time with his family. I am not responsible for his ever mood...I can just help to lift his moods. :)

I am here to carefully guide my children... Yes, I want them to be happy and healthy! I want many children to have a great many things in new goal is that I want them to learn to be happy! I believe this come in large part from being thankful and content; that is what I need to teach my littles...
I sat quietly in the car thinking for a good while after I have my great-emabarrassing-followed-by-BINGO moment...I don't have to make them happy~ I can teach them how to be happy!

The world isn't isn't kind. Sometimes life is hard...sad. People can be mean...hurtful!
 With all of that we can still find joy, and reason to be thankful, and with that happiness! I found happiness that same day...minutes later laughing with the family over some silliness. I learned it, now on to teach it to the rest of the family.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sharing Our Memories Instead Of Our Fears

Today my seven year old daughter caught me crying at my computer...

I was watching a touching video honoring the lives lost on the day the towers fell...
I remembered.
I prayed.
I cried.

This time, however, I didn't fear...
I am stronger. My faith has been tested so much over the last two years and it has left me stronger. I am a little wiser, and a little older. I am slowly learning to let go of my fear..
I have to...I have to for the sake of my daughter.

I told her that I was sad. I then sat her down and told what happened on this day so long ago now, even though is seems so close to our hearts. I told her everything, very simple, and very direct, but I admonished her not to fear. I shared with her where I was when I heard the news. I trusted that she could handle it, and she did. I guess I am learning to trust her as well..

You see, I am a mother now... Yes, I do feel that it changes everything. It changes how I handle things; how I see the world. It makes me want a better world for my children. It effects how I vote, and how I respect those that protect and serve. It makes me want to be a better person, a better American, and a better friend. It makes me remember what is really important.

So on this day, we honor those that gave their lives to save others, mourn for those precious lives that were lost, and thank those that serve and protect our great country to protect us from fear and oppression.

Most of all...we remember.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Divorced Hurts....

I am now learning just how much divorce hurts; it especially hurts the children!

 Yeah even when your children are adults; married adults...with children of their own. I found out today that my dad's divorce is final. I heard the pain and regret in his voice, and there was nothing I could do about it. 

I am heartbroken. I love my dad so much and I want him to be happy. I respect him as my dad and I always will... I have always been a daddy's girl. I have learned so much from my dad, and now it seems, I am learning again...a hard lesson~ I'm learning from his pain.

My parents were married for 27 years when my mom passed away.. I was taught that marriage was sacred; something to be protected. I learned "Better or for Worse" from watching them struggle. I learned "Sickness and in Health" from seeing the sweet loving care he took as her health failed. Lastly, I learned "Till Death Do We Part" as he sat by her bed as she took her last journey. I am so thankful, they taught me well.. They are lessons I hold so dear... They are the truths I treasure in my married life.. 

Then the day I never thought would come some many years later; daddy met the wonderful lady that would be my step mom. I was already married and about to become a mom! I guess I wanted a mom, too, someone to talk about the girls with...a friend. My dad was so happy...I was so was relieved with the comfort that he would no longer be alone in his old age. Once again we were reminded of how magical love is!!!

Marriage is Forever. 

Our family grew... 

My new mom and I grew so close.....

Fast-forward and my phone is over.
My world is shaken! All of my beliefs, my life lessons are gone. All of the things I learned as a child were fantasy and lies! This can honestly happen to anyone?!? Could this happen me? I want to scream, yet  ~I sit. silent, listen as my once shaken world now begins to crumble. 

 I am sitting on the floor of my daughter's room tears running down my face.. I felt like that little girl about to lose her mom, again. Who will I call when I need someone to pray for me the way only a mama can pray? I will miss her so much! 

 I remember all of our talks...I could talk to her about anything! She taught me to be a better mother. She always made me feel like I could do anything...and most of all she always encouraged, and never condemned. She was there...she was there for me.

So yeah, I guess I might be acting like a kid...more than that I have 3 kids! How do I explain this to my little girls?!? They love their Memaw so much!! Not to mention she pretty much prayed them here single handed! (I say in jest, so many people prayed for us through our adoption. :)  ) They will be so sad when he comes out to visit..alone. Oh, how she loves her grandbabies...they are going to miss her so much! 

How do I respect my dad and still teach my children to respect the sanctity of marriage?? I am so angry. How do I explain everything when I honestly don't even understand? I wish I had someone to ask..I wish I had my mom

I will be fine with time, but for now I am going to hold my daughter's bear, cry, and pray that my kids will never feel this way.... 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

My New Little Chef

So I have a new little chef in my kitchen! My seven year old~ Beauty made dinner with me tonight! Now I have let my girls stir, mix and measure, but cutting and adding seasonings, ummm not so much!

Well, after a really challenging day, I decided we needed a little extra time together... I decided to have a little more trust and got out one of the knives that was a little sharper than a butter knife and not quite the type of I knives I would I taught her how to cut the veggies and meat. Then I let go..

She did great!!

She was so proud of herself!! She introduced the meal as her own...she stood there and watched as her daddy ate his first bite...oh how she beamed!
Red Beans & Cajun Vegetable Sauce
over Brown Rice  

I am so proud of my big very proud!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Questions for Mama...about adoption.

I get some really thought provoking, and often times just plain funny questions!

I have one of those least that is what my husband tells me. I have had complete strangers tell me their life story in an airport. I also live a pretty open, simple life. Life is short, I want to learn and give knowledge while I'm here... So, as it seems I get a lot of questions, too!  I get questions that people start with "I've always wondered..." Yeah, I don't really know why, blame it on the face, I guess...

Anyway, today we went to a picnic/field day for homeschoolers... I was talking to our CT, whom my eldest proudly told all about being adopted when she came to visit a few weeks back..  She was telling me how proud she was of my girl and what a wonderful family we sweet! Then she got the serious/hushed tone and asked if she could ask~ "something I have always wondered...*I brace myself* do your kids, kids that are adopted, *here it comes* do they celebrate their birthdays or the day you adopted them?"

"Both!" I excitedly reply.... *releasing that breath I had been holding in* You know this was the first question like this I have heard *surprisingly* and it got me thinking.
What is a birthday??
It is the day you came onto the were sustained in the womb and now the world is your's to explore! It is a day that you join a family...which was the basis of her question. It is the day that we see how you have grown another year..

It also reminded me to be thankful! It reminded me to be thankful that my girls are here in my tight in my arms. That for whatever her reasons, their birth-mom carried them in her body and gave them life! Yes,.even though she lost them through her choices and they were placed in the system, they are alive. She and I don't have a relationship and honestly we probably never will, but a part of me will always be thankful to her...

You can see where this is going... I don't have a large reader base, I'm just a mom with a small blog, but if you are out there and you are facing a really hard choice, please consider adoption?
Please just pause~ I know you are scared, Google a bit, maybe even say a little prayer(we can say one for you), and consider giving that little life to a family that is lifeless...that is the truest definition of love. You can carry that baby, and that family will carry in their hearts forever. Just please give it a thought?

So back to the second part of her question; YES,  we celebrate Adoption Day as a family! Hubby takes the day off work all homeschool stuff is suspended and we just spend the day together!  We look at the courthouse pictures, talk about how we felt that crazy our hair looked from the crazy tornado-like wind and the monsoon-type rain that hit that morning!!! We laugh, play games, and eat a lot of ice cream!!! We just have fun as a family...and give thanks because that is what we are~ a family

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Chili Kind Of Week

So yeah, I am so ready for colder weather!!! We are also in full swing of homeschooling!!! So we are having a "Chili" kind of week! I started off by making a huge pot of veggie chili!!!

Chili is so super easy and cheap! There are so many recipes out there... I'm not really a "recipe girl" so I keep it super simple:
 I just grab a bag of dry pinto beans from the cupboard, check (for rocks & bad/broken beans), soak over night, rinse in the AM, add water to cover 2 inches, add seasonings (Chili Powder, Stevia or a little sugar, and some Tony's or Hot Sauce~I just add it till it feels right; yeah I am sure you are googling recipes, right?), and set to low...cook all day! I also can add my other veggies here of saute them gently at the end...then add to the crock-pot just depends if I have more time in the AM or PM...

Veggies I like in my Chili:
Onions (diced really small)
Bell Pepper (favorite is yellow, orange, & red!)
Butternut Squash (diced really small)
Tomatoes (canned)
Corn (I used corn & black bean salsa that I had laying around)
Carrots (diced really small)

So now that I have my chili...I figure out what to do with it! Here is what I did:

Meal #1 Chili!!!  Invited the family over to eat! I grabbed some turkey from the freezer to beef it up a portion of the chili and served like eight people!

Meal #2 Chili Dogs Made a little healthier on whole grain buns with organic turkey dogs.

Meal #3 Chili Mac Super yummy made with brown rice pasta!!

Meal #4 Tamale Pie! Lot's of recipes on this too! I just bake a thin layer of cornbread, add a think layer of lean/cooked/crumbled meat, veggie chili, and some cheese~ pop back into the oven till the cheese is melted!

Meal #5 Just kidding!! I could come up with something, but I am just going to freeze the rest! On to another week!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Homeschooling~ Our First Week!

We have had a wonderful first week of homeschooling!! I am so proud of them...and I'm really enjoying our time together!!!
Also, I am VERY tired!! *See pic below!
 I am having a challenging time adjusting to getting everything organized, learning the new curriculum, and doing lesson plans at night along my other housework and laundry!  I am hoping to be in the swing of things soon~hope?!?

My big girl is doing a lot of review this week. She is  loving learning patriotic songs as well as learning maps and geography! She is also learning to write a friendly letter and working toward her book report!

My widdle-middle is loving Bible before she goes to her program for deaf preschoolers for the morning... When she arrives home we have lunch then have PE. and Art!!

My baby girl is working on numbers, colors, shapes, and letters & sounds! She loves learning!

Then there is like 2AM. Still smiling, but then again how can you not smile at the gorgeous photographer?!?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting Ready for Homeschool!

The girls are getting excited and I'm getting nervous!!! I am waiting to the curriculum to arrive, and getting our new Homeroom set up! Here is a little of what it looks like:
 From the back corner of the room.. 

 My teaching aides at the front of the room.. 

 My view~ with a little Inspiration & Organization

 Our Entryway~ready to head out the door to go to pre-K, Co-op, or the Library! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Anniversary..

That's right another anniversary!

That makes 8 years of wedded bliss...and maybe a few blahs.
We have been through so much together...still together and still in love!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that man!! He is strong and wise... He is loving and steady,,. He is faithful and loving... He is a provider and protector... He is so amazing!

This was our first time out-of-town away from the kids... I missed them a little, but...
We had so much fun!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The State Fair!!!

We love going to the Fair every year!! It is a chance for my city kids to get a little country in their lives! We also just love spending time as a family!!! As a mom and a teacher I like to make it educational so I go online and look up all of the ASL vocabulary I think I will need...we learn them together or learn the signs during the activity.  We also watch Science videos of things we might see..
So when we told the girls that we were going to the Fair, you bet they were in the car and ready to go!!

We rode a few rides...

Then we headed over to the Livestock! My big girl LOVES cows!

Then we went to look at the goats!!! This is us looking at the goats!
This is my children BEING goats! LOL! Don't worry, I washed their hand very well!

Then someone needed a time-out! Yes, I can find a good time-out spot anywhere~ even the Fair!

Then it was right back to our horseplay!

The older girls enjoyed a show! I just love that sisterly bond...

There was so much to do, see, and buttons to push!

We even had the privilege of supporting our troops...

We had such a great time!!! We can't wait to go to the State Fair next year!

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Journey Into Homeschooling!

So after a LOT of prayer, talks, and sleepless nights we have decided to homeschool our children.
We had always planned to homeschool, or if we moved I would get a job at one of the local Christian Schools and put our kids was a nice plan.

Well, life had other plans~ adoption plans!

That was when I began to doubt our big, beautiful plan... I had a child that was ESL (English as a Second Language) that also had some other issues that made learning difficult. This made for some big questions~
Did I have the patience? I love her more than my own life~ but she can drive me nuts!!!!! Just being honest here.. Seriously; considering we have no biology~ we are SO MUCH ALIKE!!!! So yeah, we get on each others nerves!!! I fear the teen years are going to kill us all!

I also have another child attending a program for the Deaf. She couldn't be home with us...was it fair? Would it hurt her feelings? The answer: NOPE! She loves going to school... She will have Bible, Art, and PE with us at home as well so there is plenty of time with us! :)

My youngest has some challenges, but was aging out of therapy which meant it was up to me to help her now...which kinda meant more stress! So it hit me at like 2:00 AM~ what better way to help her than to teach her! I could "plan" time out of our day to work on her home-therapy.

So there I was~ out of excuses! I finally asked my husband; the amazing, wise leader of our family, what did he think for the final time. I mean we had milled over it, and over, and over, but one this day I just simply asked with desperation in my voice in and his reply was this "I don't want to put more stress on you, but, yes, I feel that you have a lot to offer our kids. If they were home with you they could learn stuff that isn't taught in school; they could learn how to be like you (trying not to tear up!), and that would help them for the rest of their lives."
To be honest I have never felt more honored in my life! In that moment I felt like the woman that was spoken of in Proverbs~
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Proverbs 31: 28

So, we applied with a homeschool charter, and ordered some of our curriculum...
~and that is how we became a homeschool family!

More to come...much more!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

To: My Not-So Baby Girl

Happy Birthday, my "Chiken-widdle!" I love you so much!! I can't believe you are turning THREE!!! I looked back at your pictures~ my baby bird!!! You have grown so much!!!

You love being the baby of the family and have pretty much everyone in this house at you beck-n-call! You are so sweet and want to adopt every little kid & baby you see!!

You are changing from the baby stage to a little girl!! I love it and hate it at the same time! You LOVE to play!!!  You love to wear your babies the way I carried you... I love listening to you play, you love being the mama to your "Sweeties" which is a term that I use like all of the time and never realized till I heard you!

 You are so smart! I can already sing the ABCs and lots of other songs, count to 10, and know most of your colors! Your favorite color is pink! YOU LEARNED TO USE THE POTTY!!! You love listening to stories, and pre-reading your books~ oh the stories you tell!!!

I love you so much, baby bird!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Yummiest Popcorn Recipe!

...well, according to my girls anyway!
I came across this idea for a special popcorn treat and my girls loved it!!! It is a little different and you may need to adjust the can also shake it in a bag if you want, but I just hand tossed in a large bowl.
I am thinking of mixing some up ahead of time for our next movie night!

All I did was spray my air-popped popcorn with a little olive oil spray to make the seasoning stick..
sprinkle a pretty even mixture of Chili Powder, Nutritional Yeast Seasoning(tastes like cheese!), and Lime Salt!!!!~~Yummy!!!!

I hope you enjoy!!!!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Big Girl!!!

My big girl, my beauty, today you turn SEVEN! You are growing up way too fast for this mama!! I see you grow a little more everyday... You are slowly letting go of your fears and trusting & hoping, bounding and leaping! I am so proud of you!

You are becoming a happy, fun-loving little girl! I love that!! I know that it is your birthday, but you are truly my greatest gift!! You have taught my so much...about life and about myself, and bring so much joy into my life!

I love how you play, joke, and tell secrets with your little friends!! You laugh and you twirl!!! You are my girly-girl!

You are so smart!!! I love catching you reading.. You want read everything!

I was looking for a song for that held all of the hopes and dreams that I have for you and I remembered the song that I played when you first came home. I have played this song so many times.. I want so many things for you my sweetheart, but most of all that you are loved~ especially by your mama! 

So happy Birthday, sweetheart! I love you so much!!!
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Family Reading

Our group is an active group!! It is a struggle to keep our girls busy all of the time! Nighttime seemed to be the worst and I realized that something just had to be done! I wanted a peaceful time of rest, and enriched family time that is just so precious these days with everyone's busy schedule.

Then it hit me~  Quiet Reading Time!!!

When I taught kindergarten a long time ago QRT was just what I needed to save my sanity! I loved looking over my class with their minds engaged...imaginations running along the pages!!! I wanted that for my girls! I also needed this for my family...

I also know that kids that observe their parents reading for pleasure have a greater chance of learning to love books! I also know that if our girls are not contained...I can't enjoy my book! LOL!

So now our new favorite thing is  quiet reading time before bed. We are doing the Summer Reading Program from the library as well so we always have plenty of good books around to keep it fun! We try to keep it simple... Everyone cozy in their PJs, teeth brushed, and quiet & relaxed. James or I will start thing off by reading one book in ASL(hearing kids understand just fine) and then we all find a book and read quietly together as family.

 I can't tell you what a blessing this has been to our family! It is such a wonderful time and has added so much to our bedtime routine! There are lots of snuggles ~ a few giggles(that are quickly shushed) at the funny picture and maybe even a few smiling glances between mom & dad...

We are so blessed!

I hope you guys like this idea.. Leave a comment of what you do in your home, I would love to read them!!

So curious as to what we are reading right now???
Hubby ~ The Art Of War ~ by: Sun Tzu
Me  ~  It's All Too Much ~ Peter Walsh
Big Girl ~  The Legend Of Yoda ~ by: Catherine Saunders
Bubbles ~  Anything about animals...
Baby  ~  Mostly board books right now...especially one with babies.

Friday, May 31, 2013


He had a wonderful mini vacation... we went camping for the first time!!! The girls had a blast!!! We all did!!
We went up to a ranch in the hills near the Oregon was a nice LONG drive out of town.

It was beautiful! We picked a nice little spot near a creek and the sound of the bubbling water was enough to completely de-stress us all after the long car ride.
I had prayed before the trip that God would restore my weary heart as well as my stress & tired body..
I don't like to complain, but sometimes this mama just needs a break! So when we first arrived the girls went over to their grandparent's trailer, hubby started setting up the tent & other manly things, and I grabbed my Bible and settled in my reclining chair over near the water. It was such a blessed time! I could relax & rest...I even fell asleep for about on hour! God had heard my prayer!

My kids had a blast just being kids!!! Lot's of open space & sunshine!

They even tried fishing....

 The best part was of course the horses!!!

Of course thanks so this man...we never went hungry!

There were also laughs & googles, smores, bon-fires, swimming, hay rides, playing by the lake, fun times with family, making new friends, and so much more!!

I was one relaxed and in this picture~freezing mama!
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