Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Months In Cloth...What I've Learned!

So we are coming up on two months with our girls, and that also means 2 months in cloth diapers! I thought cloth was pretty cool, and the more I researched the more I liked the idea...the only problem: ewww!!! Well, so I thought...then I thought if people can scoop dog poop surely I can do it for my child! That is when I found a few tips and tricks that made it no big deal...I don't scoop!!!
 I thought I would share some thoughts with you guys as this is National Real Diaper week! ;)

 (So cute~ Oeko Popo)

Choosing~ There are many different types of cloth diapers! Also, what works for one baby may not work for your little one!!! I have some pre-folds & liners that use mostly at a great deal. I must say I love One size All In One Pockets! They go from about 8lbs-35pounds so your baby can wear them for a good long time! They are also just like a 'sposie you change them the same way!

Cleaning: I learned this lesson the hard have to get some really good soap! You will also need a good wash cycle. I don't swish or have a diaper sprayer (too cheap) so I do: Pre-soak cold, Wash/rinse Hot, 2nd rinse Cold. You also need laundry soap made for cloth diapers or you will get buildup, stink, and a rash..granted my little one has sensitive skin, but I wouldn't chance it again. 

I love Rock'n Green!! You just have to make sure you get the right kind to go with your hard or soft water.

I am a little new to Soap Nuts and to honest I like my RG better, but they are pretty cool!

It the words of Hubby "that is the hippy-est thing I have ever seen!"

You have to dry your make them last longer I like to hang them up to dry. I love my little Octopus!

Stripping:  If you happen to get 'stinkies' you need to strip your diapers! Stinkies is when your diapers come out of the wash and still smell. Sometimes you can run the wash again, but after that you know you have build-up and you have to strip them.. There are a few ways..
1. You can do the cheap/free way & boil them in a large pot on the stove for about 20 minutes. This will make your kitchen stink!!!!
2. You can use a drop of Blue Dawn Dish Detergent and a scrub brush and scrub the yuck out.
3. My new/fave is grab some Funk Rock and just toss your clean diapers in the wash and let them soak over touching the nasty!! Gotta love it!!!

A Few Other Tips:
 Get a good wetbag or liner! I bought a cheap one and let me tell ya, you don't want a cheapo!!! I love Planet Wise!!! You just toss it in the wash too.
Once you child starts eating solids GET SOME FLUSHABLE LINERS!!!!!! You will thank me!!! No poop to deal with...fabulous!
If you do use pocket diapers hang a pair of tweezers near the diaper pail for pulling the insert from soiled diaper...well if you are like me a refuse to touch the nasty. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Bubbles!!!

S. ~I love you my bubbly baby girl!! You are amazing! You came into my life like thunder and into my heart like lightning! You move like a hurricane and spring joy like a volcano! Like all of these you change the world around you...I know you have forever changed me.

You may be deaf~ you are also the loudest little person I know! Your entire life screams love & joy!! You touch so many people around you and you don't even know it! You have such a big heart and you inspire me more than you ever know! You have taught me more in these few short months than I have learned in the last thirty years. You have been through so much, but you embrace life..freely love..and have more strength than I could ever imagine. You are amazing!

There is so much I love about the way your face lights up when you are happy....the way you are such a rough-&-tumble kind of girl who loves to wear her little pink leopard jacket and tutu signing beautiful into the mirror....the way you insist on a kiss at my busiest minute reminding me to slow down and take in every moment....the way you "bubble" with laughter....and the greatest of all when you sign "Mama" pulling yourself into my lap for a hug! I love you so much~Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Welcome Home Shower~

Some sweet friends and family gave me an adoption shower this last weekend... It was wonderful! We received truly thoughtful gifts, but the best part was just getting together with my friends.

It was also a beautiful shower!!! I just walked around looking at the decorations..

What a great spread!!!

Some sweet gifts!!!
I am so blessed with such great friends & family!!! I love them all so much!