Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Baby Bird

Happy Birthday!

   I can't believe you are six years old! It seems like you were just in diapers! You are definitely the baby of the family, but you have grown so much!!! You love to play and pretend...I love your smile and the joy of your laugh!

You are so just graduated from Kindergarten! You love your books!

You are so sweet! You always stand up for what is right...I love your honesty! You love Jesus and want more than anything to be a sunbeam for Him. That's also your favorite song!

You are so strong.. I know that you are starting to understand your health and what you need to stay healthy! I'm still hoping, and praying for a cure! You stay strong!

You are my baby! I love you so much!!! You are such a blessing and I can't wait to see you grow-up and see what you will become! I am so thankful that I get to be your mommy!!!

I love you!!!



Monday, June 27, 2016

Observing Butterflies

We finally got around to ordering our butterfly caterpillars...a fun journey learning about Life Cycles.

Our tiny caterpillars arrived with their food..some barely out of the egg. 
 They double in size everyday!
 All ready to go inside...

 The molten skin...uck! Those little circles, yeah, that's poop! >>a ton of poop!
 Time to hang them in the enclosure...
 New home...
Our first little guy...
 We made nectar dropped on the flowers and fresh fruit..
 Flying around and enjoying their new habitat...
 A little peek at the beauty!

 The empty chrysalis..
Looking at butterfly wings, legs, and antenna under a microscope.
 We also read some great Usborne books!!!
I love Usbourne Books!!! I had a party recently and you can still order till July 4th online at Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Laundry Lessons

It's summer!
It's summer and my kids are bored!
It's summer and my kids are bored, and the house is a mess!

Sooo...I'm working to teach my kids to help with the house work. I'm starting with the laundry with my seven year seven year old that HATES to help clean!!

I had to pick up a few products, tips, & tricks.. The little packs of laundry detergent help so much with spills! 

I wrote the number to remind her of how many to add to a standard load..if it's a special load I plan to just do it myself. The little softener beads have a little line in the cap...easy peasy!

Then I marked the washer and dryer with a dry erase marker so she knows where to start them...again just for an average load. 

Oh, and she needed a little stool.. You gotta love her style with her camo shoes and mix-matched socks!

There she far she has done 2 loads and is pretty proud of herself!
One tip* Either pre-sort the loads or give them a color....say red and pink! ;) 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Bunny!

My sweet Beauty, my Bunny...

Wow, you are ten!!! I can't believe it!!! I love you so much...more than you will ever know!
You are an amazing kid!!! You are smart and sweet!!! You are stubborn and kind.. You are amazing!

You are growing into a beautiful young lady. You went to your first POP conference this year, and you loved it!!! I am so proud of you!!!

It was my greatest joy to see you give your life to God and be there when He saved your soul. I wasn't there for your birth, but I got to be there for your "re-birth" and for that I am forever grateful!

You have your own room now. You still love Star Wars and Hello Kitty! You love Camo and want to to be a Designer! You are such a good mom to your long as no one is around.

You are finding your strength. You are finding your voice... sometimes it gets you in trouble.

You are getting into video the picture below. You love parks and gymnastics! I'm glad you still love to play! Stay young as long as you can...growing is tough.

You are so have so much to give the world. You have worked so hard this year to pull your grades up and ended the year with amazing grades! You know, grades aren't was your hard work and dedication that makes me proud!

You are beautiful, but it's your inner beauty that astounds me. You always think of others...from wanting to feed the homeless to taking home every stray animal you see... you love everyone.

There are so many things about you that I love... You are amazing! You are my heart.

 I am so proud to call you my daughter!!!

I love you so much!!!


Mom <3

Monday, June 6, 2016

Painting in the Summer

My kids are so ready for summer!! That said, I'm not ready for the heat!!! We play outside in the morning, but by noon it's just too hot! So, I have been saving little fun things from the school year... one of them is painting!
Thanks to Netflix putting on Bob Ross episodes we now have our favorite summer activity!
 This is all for pressure, no perfection~ only fun!
In their little imaginations they are in a famous studio! 
It's also relaxing...which makes it a great way to spend the summer, well, at least during the hottest times of the day!