Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Journey To 1st Grade!

Well, the last of our really fun summer is here...tomorrow my oldest will start 1st grade! I am so nervous and she is so excited! She is mostly excited about her new school supplies-that mama got for a steal!!!!

She has really enjoyed her summer! She loves to play outside, with her sisters, and has the little girl next door as her new best friend! She has also learned to skate and doing a great job!

I am so proud of my little princess! She has worked so hard this summer to be ready for 1st grade! I just look at her and even though it has only been 5 months I feel like I have known her forever... 
So tomorrow I pack her up once again and send her off to school with all of my love and hopes for her future.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Family Song

You know how there are those songs that just seem to fit... The one that takes you back to that moment in time that defined your life.  Maybe the moment you walked across that stage with your whole life ahead of you... 
We have had many of these songs. As a couple we have lots of songs...memories. 
We also seems we have little songs as a new family. Songs that remind us on our really bad days of what is really important~ love. 
The song Hold Us Together By: Matt Maher  is one of those songs.