Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stone Soup

I thought I'd share a little of our homeschool with you guys! We are a good way into the year and enjoying learning together..

We are doing Five in a Row for most of our Language Arts and enrichment for our other subjects.. We are also doing some of the Literary Classics in pure ASL. We basically follow the FIAR method with these books, bringing in academic elements from text, and making these stories come alive!

Of course it starts with the book! We read the book or versions of the book everyday for 5 days pulling out all of the amazing bring-it-to-life awesomeness!!! Then, we read the classic book in both languages, and then we have a child-friendly version to work on decoding skills! Lastly, we move to a video, hopefully we can find one in ASL, with English voice over, and English text! DawnSign Press does an amazing job!!! This helps with comprehension and helps the kids relate to the text...
Videos is ASL by Dawnsign Press. 
Rewriting and Language Activities! 
Cooking and Measuring! Did I mention they picked their stone out of the garden?!? 
We loved our Stone Soup unit!!! 
 Yep, that's the stone!!! LOL!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Growing Pains

Growing pains are the worst...I was reminded of this at 2 AM last night as a sobbing little girl appeared beside my bed with that tear-filled pitch that breaks the heart "Mama?" I scooped her up into my bed and held her close.
As a grown-up I was experiencing my own growing pains...the ones in the heart. You know the ones that leave you alone in the a house full of people with a soaked pillow as you release silent screams to a God you can only hope hears you. This was where I was only hours before, growing and in pain. It is the pain that makes you grow as you are forced to endure it; helpless as it takes you under in waves of quiet sobs.

I rubbed her aching joints, applying Arnica Salve and Magnesium Cream till her sobs turned to whimpers then to the silent sounds of a sleeping child. I held her close so she could sleep; easing her joints when she would stir in her restless sleep till the morning sun flooded our bedroom and her pain was gone.
In those dark, quiet hours I wondered if it was the same with my Heavenly Father? Was He there? Did He comfort my soul even if I felt nothing in the silence of the night? Was His silence what was forcing me to grow? Was the Balm in Gilead applied even as the pain wrecked my weary soul leavng only exhaustion in the morning?

In the light of day, I am still hurting; my heart and mind somewhat numb from the ache. I smile at those around me as I curse the pain inside, while at the same time I am thankful for it. I wait for the pain to end so I can come out the other end little taller, stronger.

I embrace the pain as it is the only way to grow....even if it is the worst.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

When You Are On The Floor...

I'm a special needs mom. There I said it...I don't really like saying because I don't really like the idea of labeling my children, but the truth is the truth just the same. This morning I really felt like that mom as I walked down the isle to the Deaf section, exhausted and head pounding with every step. I slid into the pew with a silent sigh of exhaustion and relief. We had made it.

My Bubbly girl had three, yes, THREE meltdowns that morning! If it wasn't for my husband we wouldn't have ever made it at all as I was ready to just give up, turn around, and go home. Oh, did I mention we were OVER AN HOUR LATE??? Yeah, so part of the walking down in front of the the church..that was shame. I was the mom that couldn't get everyone ready, happy, and on time.

Toward the end of worship time my Baby-Girl had a seizure right there on the pew leaving her exhausted, and dizzy resting in her daddy's arms... At this point, I could have cried if I she didn't need me to stay calm and reassuring (at least on the outside) while holding her tiny hand.  After resting for a bit she had to "go tinkle" thankfully she didn't go during the seizure because that really makes it worse! Little blessings!
So, I took her to go potty...taking Bubbles with us for a little break.

We walked back in to Pastor preaching, so we sat in the back of the church for a minute...waiting for some exciting choir of "Amen" or clapping in agreement while I mommy-terped sitting beside my Bubbly girl..before heading back to the front of the church. Then I saw it..a meltdown was coming...first the stimming, rocking, and then going to the floor. I sat down 'cris-crossed applesauce' on the floor of the church between the pews holding my little girl, protecting her head~ while trying to quiet and reassure my sweet girl. She fights and struggles...war ensuing in her sensory strained mind.

I continue to sit on the floor hold my little girl's head as tells me she is sorry..sorry for something that isn't her fault. Her eyes are glassy and still not focused..we wait it out. I gently brush her check with the back of my hand.

My weary mind slowly returns to the sermon... he is talking about Jesus sitting on a boat. Jesus sitting on a boat, as I'm sitting on the floor in the back of the church. I'm pretty sure He was sitting back there with us...
That same Jesus that calmed the seas also calms the storms in our lives...even the ones that put us on the floor...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Dumplin's ~ Big Love

If you know me, you know I love my husband!!! We are celebrating our anniversary in a few days, and I happened to have Chicken & Dumplings the other day... As I sat eating a steaming bowl of southern goodness my mind with back to our first year together as a young married couple.. We were ready to take on the world and sooo in love!!! You know that puppy's gross! 

I had spent the day making little heart shaped dumplings from scratch...I mean all stinkin' day in that tiny apartment kitchen that was about 10 thousand degrees! 
My sweet hubbers came home and met me at the table...starved as always! He eagerly ate his dumplin's as we talked about our day...our dreams! He asked for seconds and I smiled as I brought him another heaping bowl! 

As I went to clean up after dinner, he came around for some sugar and whispered in my ear.. "Can we eat other things from now on? I've never cared for Chicken and Dumpling." I whipped around with my hands on my hips in true Southern fashion calling him by his full name~ "ZXY, you ate two bowls full!?! I would have made you something else.. " 

That man sat there listening to me go on..and...on while choking down a meal that he hated with a smile on his face... That my, sweet readers, is LOVE! 

So now when I make one of my favorite dishes for our girls and myself I think of that night.. I think of all of the thing life has thrown at us and all of the hard times we would have to swallow over the years.. 
We always found a place at the table.. 
We always found the love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Little Baskets...Little Helping Hands

So if you know me, you know I don't love cleaning.. That said, I feel like it is all I do!!! No seriously!!! 
 It's fine (whatever, it's not fine) when we are not too busy, but add homeschooling and raising three very busy little girls~ well, sometimes the house suffers!!! 
That is one of the reasons I have dedicated this summer to teaching the kids to help around the house... even if they are pretty sure it's going to kill them! What can I say, they don't like cleaning either...LOL. 
So I saw this idea on Pinterest... not sure who came up with it, but this is how we plan to use it in our home. *Fingers crossed!*
I found these tall little baskets at the dollar store...I thought a nice green might keep everyone calm. A mom can hope, right?!? 
 I put together items for each room of the house... Kitchen all in one basket, etc.
 This way I can take one basket and work with a child on how to use the items for said room. No more digging in my cleaning closet!! Then hopefully when they become skilled at cleaning that room I can just hand them the basket!!  It's kind of a jump up from the little chores they have been doing.
I also labeled them with a little tape and a sharpie... easy peasy!
I really hope this helps, and makes chores a little more fun!! I also helps it helps me to streamline cleaning when I am rushing around to get it done... because let's be honest~ we are moms, and their hands are small!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Snacking Along The Journey!

More Summer snacking on these long and sometimes crazy summer days.. I'm trying to stay on track and find yummy snacks to keep myself on track. 
 So, yeah, this was breakfast! Not great, but so good!!! It also gave me a nice burst of energy!!!
Fruit! Fruit and Protein is always good for me!!! :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Choosing Peace

There is so much pain and unrest in the world.. There is heartache and anger... I have been feeding into that anger... I have been shamed for my race.. I have lost sleep.. I have cried.. I have been angry.. I feel so deeply and on many levels an with that I have felt my peace slipping away..

So, I am choosing peace.
I'm leaning on the Prince of Peace. I'm reading His word. I'm reading books that feed my soul instead of so much Facebook and other media that feeds my anger, strong relentless anger.

I'm spending more time with my children.. I know for me, reading and watching my kids play is a place of peace.  As they draw pictures of our family with sidewalk chalk I'm reminded of all that I am blessed

I'm loving my husband. I'm talking to him when it all seems too much. I hold him, praying for those that aren't able their husband in their arms.

This is just the only healthy way I can deal.. I have to choose peace in my own life. I know life isn't fair...I know it's hard. I also know a God that can give peace in the hardest of situations.