Friday, May 31, 2013


He had a wonderful mini vacation... we went camping for the first time!!! The girls had a blast!!! We all did!!
We went up to a ranch in the hills near the Oregon was a nice LONG drive out of town.

It was beautiful! We picked a nice little spot near a creek and the sound of the bubbling water was enough to completely de-stress us all after the long car ride.
I had prayed before the trip that God would restore my weary heart as well as my stress & tired body..
I don't like to complain, but sometimes this mama just needs a break! So when we first arrived the girls went over to their grandparent's trailer, hubby started setting up the tent & other manly things, and I grabbed my Bible and settled in my reclining chair over near the water. It was such a blessed time! I could relax & rest...I even fell asleep for about on hour! God had heard my prayer!

My kids had a blast just being kids!!! Lot's of open space & sunshine!

They even tried fishing....

 The best part was of course the horses!!!

Of course thanks so this man...we never went hungry!

There were also laughs & googles, smores, bon-fires, swimming, hay rides, playing by the lake, fun times with family, making new friends, and so much more!!

I was one relaxed and in this picture~freezing mama!
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  1. Looks like fun for everyone! So glad you had a good time :)