Sunday, February 14, 2016


In this life I have been blessed with this amazing man! He is funny, kind, strong and smart! He is so giving with his time, energies, money, and gifts, and you will never hear him brag on himself. I love him more than words can ever say, and even with all of my flaws, he loves me too! 
 These are some sweets we enjoyed~
 These were actually a gift for my birthday~ Macaroons!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

When Mommy Ministers in Walmart....

    When mommy ministers in Walmart...
it's quiet, subtle, and for us kids..pretty fun! 

   Mom must love to shop! She goes down the rows trying to keep our little hands on the buggies (shopping carts) as she tries to keep her "cool" whatever that is??  We all talk, and push, and poke, and play! ~We are kids after all!

 Most of the time she says "we are going to run in, and run out!" We never do. 

   This was how our shopping trip was going when in the middle of the store a lady came up, well, almost bumped into us! She started to make small talk...then she asked my mom where she went to church? My mom told her and then she went on and on about church stuff...well, it seemed like it to me! 

    The Lady was talking about how she used to go to church, and how she was hurt by someone in a church..she started said we could play quietly a little bit away on the bench so she could see us. I wonder if she didn't want me to hear?? She talked for a long time, my mom nodded, listening, all while watching us. I was watching her too.  We took full advantage! We pretended to be in a car, jumped around, ran around, it was AWESOME! 

Then I saw it~ the look!

   We walked back to the buggie just about in time for my mom to offer to pray with her, quiet prayer, God can hear really well you know? After praying, the lady dried her tears, talking about how she had never told anyone before the things she had told my mom. 
Mom of course asked her to come to church, and reminded her of how much God loved her... How much he wanted her to come home.. The lady smiled and said "I know."

As we were leaving I asked my mom about what had happened. She smiled as she said "God must have sent us to the store for a reason other than toilet paper."

I guess God is at Walmart too. 

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