Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dollies, Hearing Aids, and Puff Paint~Oh My!

So our middle daughter is doing great!!! She is loving her 3yr class for the deaf and is picking up a lot of new signs!!! We love her teachers!
 We also went as a Deaf Awareness Day at the Zoo and have made some new friends and had an awesome playdate! I am looking forward to many more! :)
Big thanks so Nonnie, Papa, Auntie, Uncle, & Cousins for going with us and making the day at the zoo so much more special! 
 Our bubbly little girl is also going to get her hearing aids in about 2 weeks which she hasn't had for a few months...long story! Grrr...anyway.
 I am somewhat worried that she is going to have a hard time adjusting so I got out the old puff paint and got her dollies some hearing aids! 
I am hoping it will help, but if not it sure is cute!! 
Umm...I may need someone to come wrestle the puff paint out of my hand?!? :D

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alien Food for Dinner??..

Hello, my name is.....and I'm a Pinterestoholic. If you are on Pinterest I know you have seen these little beauties, but I still just had to share what we call Alien pasta!!! *Cue the sci-fi music!*

This was so fun and great for kids that are still working on their fine motor skills!!! 

Come on...what kid wouldn't love this?? Kinda looks like playdough to me...also not very healthy, but way fun!!! I guess I could add a side of peas, urr ummm alien power balls! 

Now the only question is ketchup or pasta sauce? 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember Along The Journey...

I remember 9-11 as a day my world got a lot bigger and less safe... I lived a lot of my life in a bubble. I was very sheltered and happy growing up. My mom was a home maker and was sick a lot so I took on her work as well as taking care of her for much of my young life and this was just the way it my small happy bubble with my family, work, and my dog.

So when it was time to go off to college I saw this as MY TIME! Even though I attended a Christian college, and wanted to live a life in service to others I was having the time of my life!!! There was no one to take care of, but myself and I loved it!!!!! I was young & free and honestly still lived in a very small world.

Then the day I will never forget came...9-11.

I was sitting in class as a senior in college daydreaming when one of the students came in with the news and we were told to assemble in the gym for a time of prayer and instructions.
 I knew so little about the World Trade Center...honestly I don't even think I knew it was in New York. I just knew people were hurt and that I should offer prayers for the families...

I remember the looks of fear on the faces of the instructors...

It wasn't till I got to work and saw on the monitor what the rest of the world had seen....what the radio was going on and on about. I saw that for once in my life how big the world really was and how at any moment everything could be taken away. At that moment I knew fear...anger for my country. I knew pride in my fellow Americans. My world had grown...and I had grown in it.

      We remember.      We hope.      We pray.