Monday, March 19, 2012

A Moment I Thought May Never Come, But Will Never Be Forgotten...

Well, the day that I thought may never come...did. My middle daughter is wonderful at signing not mention funny & bright. She is the sweetest little girl and she can express her feelings fully. In my heart however~ if I am truly honest as a mom I also long to hear her voice...well today I heard the sweetest word... 

My little girl put her little hand to her throat to feel the vibration and said "Mama!" 

At first I wasn't sure because she babbles so much so I asked(signed) "what?" She signed back MAMA!!! I felt a weird mix of amazement, & delight! I was just so happy & proud I praised her new achievement! She just beamed back at me! 

So all week she has been signing and saying Mama at the same time! She is so proud of herself! As for me well~ I think I just might burst! I have so many dreams, hopes, and fears when it come so raising my kids, but for this moment I am going to sick back at listen to my little girls say the sweetest word I have ever heard... 

She is simply amazing...just the way she is!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Social On The Journey..

 This last week we decided it was time for a new adventure~the deaf/hearing ice cream social. It was one of the places we frequented when we were in college; you know at different colleges & during different years! We still had it in common and shared lots of stories of our hearing student goes to deaf event days.
You know looking back we could never had imagined that we would ever had gotten married much less adopt a daughter that is deaf. God's plans are higher than our's and looking back we see how much was just put in place by His hands.

We want our middle daughter who is profoundly deaf to have a sense of pride in who she is, and make friends within the community. Well, for that to happen WE have to get into the community. So we started tonight and here are just a few things I noticed...

1. I am old, no wait scratch that~ they just invite really young & pretty ASL students to these things!

2. There were not a lot of deaf kids, and I think the reason for that is that people don't want to bring them in the fear that they will behave as badly as mine them the sweet little angels and all. ;)

3. Running into an old friend is always wonderful, even better introducing him to hubby and sitting back watching them chat as my kids play around the table.

4. Whoever thought of having ice cream at these social must have had children!! It really made their night!

5. I miss being in the community...

Monday, March 5, 2012

We Learn Along The Journey...

So let me see if we have everything?? 

1. Hello Kitty Lunchbox~ Check!

2. Note From Mommy~ Check! 

3. Note In Said Lunchbox~ Check! 

4. A Tissue For Mommy~ Check!

5. Proud Family~ Check! 

We are ready for Kindergarten!!!!