Friday, May 31, 2013


He had a wonderful mini vacation... we went camping for the first time!!! The girls had a blast!!! We all did!!
We went up to a ranch in the hills near the Oregon was a nice LONG drive out of town.

It was beautiful! We picked a nice little spot near a creek and the sound of the bubbling water was enough to completely de-stress us all after the long car ride.
I had prayed before the trip that God would restore my weary heart as well as my stress & tired body..
I don't like to complain, but sometimes this mama just needs a break! So when we first arrived the girls went over to their grandparent's trailer, hubby started setting up the tent & other manly things, and I grabbed my Bible and settled in my reclining chair over near the water. It was such a blessed time! I could relax & rest...I even fell asleep for about on hour! God had heard my prayer!

My kids had a blast just being kids!!! Lot's of open space & sunshine!

They even tried fishing....

 The best part was of course the horses!!!

Of course thanks so this man...we never went hungry!

There were also laughs & googles, smores, bon-fires, swimming, hay rides, playing by the lake, fun times with family, making new friends, and so much more!!

I was one relaxed and in this picture~freezing mama!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day Letter...

It is Mother's Day my darlings..
I am filled so many emotions. I was reminded by a friend that it is my first real Mother's Day since last year we weren't finalized... Well, I'm so so sure about that but I am sure that I love each of you so much! You are each special in your own way! I am so proud to all you and beam just a bit every time you call me mom...

I know this weekend isn't so easy for you, my big girl. I know at times like this you think of your birth-mom and I am sure she thinks of you too. You have such a big, forgiving heart and at times I know it is so easily broken when you think of the past. I am sorry for the times I forget your pain shows in your behavior...I feel so bad when I forget too late. I will always be here for you... My ears are always heart and arms are too. I love you so much!

My bubbly girl, what can I heart still melts when you vocalize "mom!"  Honestly though, to see you sign it, and the way you sign it to everyone, so everyone knows that I am your mom does the same.. You have taught me more about deaf culture than any college class... You have made me stronger. You have made me a fighter simply because you are worth fighting for...YOU, your happiness in life, your education, and your rights! I am humbled in being your mom,  but I am so thankful! I love you so much!

I love you so much, my baby girl. You are such a little reminder to cuddle & to slow down and take it all in...  You really scared mommy this year...holding you in my arms at the hospital and hearing everything the Dr. had to say...I have never prayed so hard in my life! It still bring tears to my were so sick...I was so scared... BUT God healed you. You are my gift and God gave you back to me once again..I am so thankful!  So now more than ever~ I treasure every lullaby....I love when you sing them with me.  I am reminded to put down the laundry basket to count the piggies~your cutie toes! I love you so much!
Babe, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for going through all of the work & stress it took to make me a mom. Thank you for not only sharing the burden of adoption, but leading in it!  Thank you for all of the times you hold me while I cry after a "you are not my real mom" moments. Thank you for all of the phone calls at work when I am overwhelmed... Thank you for being patient with me...for loving me...for strengthening me...most of all for praying for me. You are my  rock. I love you so much.