Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Embracing Deaf Culture~ One Hug At A Time

First of all, HEY!!!! Hubs got me me through my login issues...so I'm back! Again..

Secondly, I am writing this with nothing but love, honesty, and respect for Deaf community!!!!! I can never repay the debt of love and acceptance we have received....we love you guys!

I am, Eva, I am a reformed touch-me-not.

I was not a hugger...I mean I would never want to offend someone so I would do it, but inside...no. I have always been uncomfortable hugging people. Okay, honestly, I don't even like to shake hands.

Then we brought our Deaf daughter home and started going to Deaf events...with that came the hugs!

Let me first say, when we started going to events, I was terrified that one of these amazing people would learn my secret...I was hearing. No, I mean really hearing...I was rusty in my ASL, I had a lot of fatigue using my second language (ASL) all of the time, I all of a suddenly forgotten all of the Deaf Culture I learned in college, and worst of all I thought in English~ like really English-y.

I was terrified that someone was going to approach me and tell me that I should never have adopted my daughter...that I wasn't good enough.
~It never happened.

I was loved, accepted. I was greeted every playdate with a with a hug. I was offered support, friendship, acceptance, and hugs every time I entered the community.

Funny thing, I didn't mind the hugs so much...they were expressive...they seemed to say so much that I was hoping to one day feel. .
The hugs expressed a simple message of~ suppport, acceptance, and happiness to see me...no matter how little I knew and how inadequate I felt. I felt relief....

When we went to the family weekend at the Deaf school I looked forward to seeing my friends, and there I was the first time~ I was the one with open arms!

I was not only embracing my friends, but also other moms that maybe felt a little out of place as I once did not so long ago.
I was embracing my daughter's culture and community.
I was embracing my daughter....she and her sister are my very heart beat!
I was embracing life, and my new place in it.
Most of all, I was embracing, yes, hugging...me. I was the one embracing.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dreams Along The Journey

So there I was stretched out on the beach...cold drink sitting beside my long-chair as the sound of the waves crashed against the silence. The bright sun barely starting to warm my feet as the cool, tropical breeze envelops me.
 I gently adjust the cashmere cover around my shoulders as I am chilled under the shade of a small palm tree. I am alone, relaxed in sheer tropical bliss as the aroma of coconut and honeysuckle drift through the air...I could sit here forever just listening to waves.

Then I hear a sound in the distance...to some a sharp, angry sound! I recognize this sound, embracing, it is the sound of a Deaf child trying to wake her hearing mother~ with that paradise begins to shatter. 


I blink...peek out of one eye as she smiles with that huge grin I am gifted every morning. I lay there as she starts signing everything that has happened in the few short minutes that she has been awake as well as all of her requests for the day. Our conversation filled with laughter, and silliness...
It is in those sweet moments that I am reminded that some dreams really do come true~ 

and this one wants her breakfast!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

To My Bubbly Girl On Your Birthday,

My sweet girl,
      Another year has passed so quickly! I am watching change a little more everyday into this amazing, strong, leader! You have an amazing heart, and outlook on the world. The way you reach out to others, children and adults alike astounds me...you make me want to do more~ to be a better person. 

   I love to watch you play! You are so expressive that even hearing friends and family that have limited ASL can join in the fun! You are such an awesome kid! 

 I remember the day we brought you and your sisters home, you were this tiny, little fireball!!!! Now you are this strong, happy little girl that makes me proud everyday! I hope you never lose that sparkle; I know God placed it there, and He has a special plan for your life. 
      You are FIVE this year!!!! You know what that mean?!?!  As part of our family tradition~ You get to go to your  first mani/pedi with mommy!!!! You were so cute!!!!! You loved it!!!! The ladies in the shop LOVED you too! 
We had your party at the Deaf Playdate this year.... Your community has embraced our family so much, you may never know how thankful I am for that! You have made so many friends this year! 
You are blessed with so many friends, Deaf and hearing alike! 
I love you, my sparkly, sunshining, bubbly girl!!! You are so amazing just the way you are!!!! 
I am so thankful that God blessed me with you....and sometimes I think~ just to keep me on my toes. You have taught me so much, and I love you more that you could ever know! 

Happy Birthday!