Monday, July 28, 2014

Staying Cool While Going Bananas!

First of's hot! We are enjoying the last of our summer, and we really love enjoying it with cold & yummy treats! So as a mommy I wanted something healthy for our family.. 
So I can't remember where I saw it, I want to say it was a kid's show.. 
Nana I'cream!!!! Well, that's the way my Little says it! 
So for this yumminess, we start with really ripe bananas... 
~You know that mom in the produce section with the 3 huge, 15 pound bags of old bananas?? Yep, that's me! I dry them, use them in smoothies, and now make Ice Cream!!!
I just break these little beauties up, toss them on a freezer sheet, cover, and freeze!
Toss them in the food processor with a splash of milk, I use almond. 

Then spin! I added a splash of vanilla since I don't really like bananas...ummm, but I LOVE this!!!! 
Then, I just serve it up!!!! This time, my girls wanted chocolate sprinkles...funny since they have only had them like once in their lives! Anyway, we made pretend-chocolate-sprinkles with Chia & Flax Seeds!
I am sure there are so many things you could add~ PB, cocoa, etc!!! I hope you enjoy it too!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Honoring A Final Journey

As you may know from this little blog or in real life as friends my mom was not well during a lot of my childhood and adolescence so I have collected mother figures along my journey. There are ladies that have been there for me in many ways~ to inspire, give loving advice, and a few times a swift kick in the backside when I am making bad decisions. God placed these amazing women in my life, and I am so thankful!
One such lady, is my best friend's mom... The first time I met her she told me "Hi, I'm Debi, you can call me mom! Yep, you are stuck with me now....I'm going to be your new mom, here in California!" ~ and that she was! She was just the mom I needed so far from home. She was always here for me, giving advice with her no-nonsense humor! She just had a special way about her... 

 She could cheer any mood! 
She laughed, head thrown back...laughing with her whole being! Her laugh was contagious! She made you see the lighter side of life. She let you know that everything was going to be alright. Even in the face of the greatest battle of her life, she was encouraging others, letting her family and friends know that everything was going to be alright! She just had that kind of strength...the kind that is so comforting and filled with humor. 
Debi was an amazing artist! She not only made beautiful things but interesting pieces as well... She made this beautiful piece for me when we adopted our girls; with 3 stars for 3 little girls, 2 hearts for James and I, and the love of a mother in the middle.... She was so thoughtful that way...she was excited for us, and it showed! She made things special. Oh, how she loved our girls! They love her too! 
There is so much I could say about this amazing woman, friend, and mom to so many... She gave so much to the world, but she would say the greatest thing she accomplished was the greatness of her children and the wonder of her grandchildren. I can only hope that I have taken all that she has taught me, and that I can in this life make her proud.
She was loved by so many, and she will be greatly missed...
till we see her again. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My First Back To School Haul of the Season

I can't believe we are getting ready for Back-to-School already!!! This year I will have a THIRD grader (where did the time go?) that will be homeschooling, a KINDERGARTNER, and a Preschooler that will be at home with me as well...
 I have been checking out the deals online, and just did my first haul....
Umm..I guess technically 2 because I ran into a second store to grab the Fraction Game. 
Anyway, I got all of this for $15 and some change!!!!!!  My post-its are hiding in this pic, but oh how I LOVE Post-its!!!!! I use them I was so happy to get 3 packs of them!!!! 
I'm still looking for some backpack and clothing deals...getting excited!!!!
Please feel free to leave your ideas on ways to save money for BtS in the comments!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mommy Time On The Journey

So while my girls were still in the system we had a couple of awesome social workers... One in particular would always ask me about my self-care...she wanted a list of everything I had done that month and I was to be well as give me ideas on being selfish as I thought at the time. 
It seemed so strange to me to be honest, I mean I a mom now...a wife...I should come last, right? 
Well, in a sense, but in another way she was right... I learned that I really enjoyed my time. 
I love my family, and I am a better mom when I have a little time away from them...but just a little because I miss them so bad and it's only been an hour! 
So when hubby got home from class he offered to take the kids to eat and give me a little time to relax~ I took it! Especially after this rough week!!! 
So here I am, in my comfy clothes, hair in a pony, eating Indian food!!! I'm loving it!!!! 
I am so relaxed...and eagerly waiting to the hugs and kisses when they all come through the door... 
Oh, and the tall one, he is so gorgeous!!!! He has some pretty good kisses too!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Looking Back On Our Journey...

Do you ever have one day that you wish you could go back and live a day over again?
You would take in every second...
Maybe not get as stressed...
Maybe just keep it as it was and just enjoy...

Well, this is my day:

This was the day we took the kids to the Children's Museum in Sacramento about 2 years ago. We as new parents were stressed out, and a fatigued from the constant running here and there through the hoards of excited children!
My kids, just babies at the time had a blast! They were in their element...learning! 

There was so much to explore and learn! So much imagination to embrace! 

I think their favorite part was the Shopping Play!!! Not much has changed as I hear them across the room figuring out which is the mama and who is going to drive to get the milk! 

I treasure these pictures so much... My babies have changed so much~which you may have noticed with all of the face shots that I tend to avoid on this blog. Honestly, they don't even look like the same kids! We are all so much happier now...and that is because they are home forever and loved eternally! I guess that is why, I love watching them play house so much!!! It is a sweet reminder that they are HOME! 

So that was our day... 
The day that I think back on while sipping tea when the house is quiet... 
I would love to hear about some of your favorite days??