Monday, April 18, 2016

The Journey Of A Ladybug...

So we ordered a Ladybug habitat so we could study the life cycle of Ladybugs! I can tell you that we learned a lot, stressed a little, and had a lot of fun..
We received these tiny little things in a tube...fresh from the eggs, a few were still Eggs!

They quickly began to grow as we watched, and watered the gel till they were ugly little Larvae!
 They kind of look like spiders, right?!? 

Then it was time for them to enter the Pupal stage
I kind of thought they had died. ;?

They emerged as little white critters that were super hungry!!! They were ready for their raisins? Yep, soaked raisins cut in half..
...and poop, oh dear heavens the poop! 

They changed to pink and continued to darken.. We loved watching them grow, shed their exoskeletons, and grow some more! 

We also studied Delaware...seemed fitting! 

These little ladybugs kept growing, changing, and developing...

Till it was time to let them go... was a Beautiful Journey~ So with a few tears & song we released them to the garden. So they could fly away home.

Monday, April 11, 2016

I Can't Believe You Are Seven?!?

My Bubbly Middle Girl,

    You are looking more like your big sister everyday! I just can't believe are growing up so fast!!! There are so many things that make you are complex and unique. These are just a few... I love your sense humor~

   You are funny; no matter what is going on in my life you can always make me laugh!!! You are silly, bubbly, and full of joy!!! You are friendly and kind! You know how to light up the room with the smile on your face. Your heart always shines through and that is what makes you beautiful!

   You are so beautiful! I love your smile..especially your sneaky smile even if I'll never admit it to your face! Your dad and I tease that you may be a lawyer someday because you know how to get your way! Just be a good one, OK? You have the beauty and the are smart!

   You are so smart!!! This is your first year homeschooling and I am so impressed with all that you have learned so far!!! You are reading and writing like a champ!!! I know you will have so much to say to the world and books have so many amazing things to teach you about the world! Bubbly girl, teach them about love, teach the world to have a heart!

   I love your heart! You are so kind!!! You love your dog the can't walk past her without giving her a little love. Compassion is your greatest attribute! You also can't stand for anyone to be left out.. You are such a good girls are also good at pestering each other! :D Your heart is also what gives your the strength to be so strong!

   You are strong! Umm, sweetie, not just on the inside, but you have some muscle!!! You have started gymnastics this year and I'm so impressed with your bar work...the way you can lift yourself off the bar and then flip yourself over it~ Wow!!! You are strong and that helps you to believe in yourself!

   You are becoming self-aware.. It has been hard at times this year as you have come to understand that you are Deaf and that everyone in the world isn't.. You are so confident in your language, culture, and yourself as a person! I smile every time I see that big, prideful smile cross your face when you tell someone that you are Deaf. You love teaching hearing people ASL and jumping up and down giving "high-fives" when you meet a Deaf adult! You know that it will be you one are growing up!

    You are growing up on me... I am trying to treasure every moment and celebrate the person that you are becoming. I am so happy that God gave me such a wonderful daughter! Daddy thinks you hung the moon; well, I pretty much know it! I am so proud of you, and I thank God for you everyday!
I love you.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spelling Eggs..Easter Eggs!

We had a wonderful Easter, I hope your day was blessed as well..

Now what to do with the million eggs around this house?!? Use them for homeschooling or course!!!

We have done letter matching and numbers in Pre-K and that is super fun!!!

We also loved doing addition on eggs... Honestly it's endless!!!

This fine day we decided to do a little spelling/word making for reading time...

My kids loved this activity!!! We may add sentences soon...just gotta keep the eggs in order, LOL!
When you can make your kid smile while doing sight know it's a good day!