Sunday, June 29, 2014

"That Is a REALLY BIG BOX!!!" ~WOW Along The Journey!

What a shocking~ amazing end to our weekend!!!!! We were totally shocked this afternoon when we received THIS: 
    So the other day I saw where Bro. Clark, the President of the College I attended was going to be preaching at a church a few towns over, and we decided to go!!! Memories!!!

   Grace Point Church is in the scenic town of Woodland CA and Pastored by a sweet family~ whom we are blessed to call our friends! You walk in and you are enveloped by a loving church family! 
    It was an amazing service!!! It was a wonderful message, and God really blessed us with His sweet presence. I know know many lives were touched, and restored. Two little souls really enjoyed alter call, and talking to 'their' Jesus. 
    My Widdle-Middle enjoyed the active worship~ even paid attention while hubs 'daddy-terped.'  We had some sweet interpreters come over, but she was a little overwhelmed so we just took care of her, but next time... ;) Yes!

 So, yes, it was an amazing service!!! 
At the end of the service, before the BBQ they raffled off this HUGE box of fireworks!!! 
 Well, we didn't fill out the raffle ticket because it was for new visitors.... We just felt that it would be better going to someone else... Well, the Lord and the good people of Grace Point had other other ideas! 

  So they called off the number and the first man went up and said that he would would like to donate it back to the church for another family. 

     Then they called off another number....that man went up and took the mic, thanked the pastor and said "can the man with the beard and 3 beautiful daughters come up here and take this? Such a nice family"  I was in SHOCK!!! I just stood there with my mouth gaping as James went up to the platform...of course three excited little girls followed..
    We then went on to the BBQ and fellowshiped with some sweet people. The girls loved running around and chatting with their new little friends. We drove home with this huge box between all of the van seats...listening to giggling all of the way!
   Now, the only question is...   Where are we going to put it? 
   We just keep smiling at each other and saying "that's a really big box!!!" 
We can't wait till the Fourth of July!!!!!! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Baby Girl On Your Birthday...

Baby Girl,
    I love you so much! Today is your birthday!!!! You are now 4 years old!!!
      You are such a sweet and loving little girl with a sheepish little grin and always make me smile! You love everyone; you love your sisters, family, kitty cats, and Jesus the most! You love going to church, and you love talking to Jesus. You have such sweet, simple faith....I love that about you.
You are my funny face! You LOVE to PLAY!!!!!! You have quite the imagination!!! You like to play dress-up and you love your baby dolls!!!! You love the play mommy, and I catch you mimicking me in the mirror...You are just so cute!
     I know you will have many dreams and experiences as you grow up, and I am so thankful I get to see it!!! I am so blessed to be your mommy!!!! I know your plans will change, but right now as a 4 year old, you want to be a Doctor, a Mommy, and 'Dark' Vader!
I love you so much!!!!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Beauty, On Your Birthday

My Beautiful Girl, 
     Today you are EIGHT years old! You are my sweet girl, my helper...I am watching you as you grow, how you play with your sisters, and talk with your friends. You are so kind (most of the time. ;)  ) You are so giving, and you are always thinking of someone else. I am so proud of you. 

      You are so talented! You are becoming quite the little writer, artist, and you are learning to sew & weave. You love the piano, and you loving picking it out of songs on the radio, you amaze me! You are also learning to cook, you love cooking! 
You are so expressive with all of your talents! 
     You love going to do things! You love experiencing life! You are so energetic!!! I am watching that energy develop into a true zest for life!!! The world needs more people like can be a whirlwind of change, and a true light in the darkness! 
    Just so you always remember, you are also experiencing your first crush! ~Oh Lord, please help your poor, old mother when the boys come calling! For now, you just giggle! It's kind of sweet, but I have the feeling you are going to be a bit boy ma'am! ;) 
   You have such a sweet heart! You love animals, especially horses, cats, and dogs! Right now, as an 8 yr old, you want to be a mommy, teacher, and veterinarian. You have changed your life goals many times, and I am sure they will change many more~ you have a bright future! 
   I love you so much! You are one of the greatest gifts of my life! You know, it's funny to me that some people will praise your dad and I for adopting you and your sisters. I smile and try to be gracious, but in our hearts we know the truth~ you are the gift! You are the blessing! 

I love you so much!!! I will always love you...