Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas Break

~I just wanted to share what a blessing the break has been for my kids and I. I had wanted to do a little catch-up, but looked in their little eyes and thought better of it. Burnout was on our heels and we could all feel it! So we packed up the homeschool stuff, and put it away! We had some fun to be done! 

~ The week before I had complained to my bestie that I sometimes feel that I'm working away their childhood~ papers to grade, ASL vocab to learn, lessons to teach, breaking up fights, church responsibilities, housework(mounds of housework!), the laundry, household shopping, and the know the list, the never ending list! Uhhg!

~My eldest is starting the early stages of becoming a little lady, and I can already feel our relationship starting to strain a little bit..time is so precious. I don't want my children to grow up and remember me being at home, but not really in their lives, you know? I want a relationship with them. I want to look back on these what now seem tiring, stressful, endless days as some of the best in our lives.

~So, I really used this break (2 weeks) to work on my relationships with our children.. We have played games, watched movies, modeled with playdough (anyone else have a love/hate relationship with play dough?), and just spent time not every minute, and at they still enjoyed quiet reading when I just needed a break! I'm human after all! I can honestly say I feel closer with kids than have in a good long while. I love that about homeschooling..I am here and we can change what we are doing when needed.

~I also spent time teaching my little ones chores, one on one. This is something I have been putting off because to be honest~ my little ones are lazy, especially my middle child! I love her to bits~ she is the most tenacious child I have ever seen! So I made learning to do a couple of new chores a fun 1on1 time with mommy! A time of lots of praise, and teaching her how good it feels to see a job done well.
Hopefully with the 2 littles doing a bit more it will free me up to spend more time with my little loves! Last year I wanted more fun in our homeschool and we did it! I need to go back and post about that soon!

~ This new year I simply want more time with my children! I want the closeness that I feel can be woven onto our homeschool experience.. I simply want:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yeah, So We Got A Dog!

Now I know what you are think, well at least what I was thinking....if any family in the world does NOT need a dog it's this one! We already have our challenges and stresses and this mom doesn't need one more thing to take care of!!!!
...but then I saw her face!
 She came up to me so sweet and snuggled into the palm of my hand. Oh, man, I was falling fast!

I also, saw my kids' faces begging me for a dog!

Oh, and my husband! Oh heavens, what's a mom to do?!?

We heard about some pre-shelter (sounded better than muts!) puppies that needed a home~
Photo Credit: Emily
 I was so blessed to meet some amazing people that took in this pregnant dog, gave her a life and pre-natal care! They are some of the best people in my book, to love so deeply~ making the world a better place!
So yeah, we got a dog, her name is Sandy. She is so precious! She is quite stilled at chewing up our stuff, and quite talented at going potty on the carpet. We love her, we can't help it! She is so sweet sleeping at the foot of our bed. We are pretty blessed to call her a part of our family.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Smacking Melons!

If you ever see our little family out around town you will more than likely notice two things; we are always learning something, and we use ASL & English. So if you see us, say hi! We also try to give our kids a good mix of individual attention & family way is to split off while shopping.
The other day this is just what we was Bubbles' turn to go with me to the fresh market while daddy took Beauty & Baby to the Pet store in the same shopping center. Bubbles is Deaf and like a super awesome kid! As with all of my kids I try to teach little life lessons as we between hearing all about school, fairies, friends, dreams, new dance moves, art, and of course what they are going to be when they grow up~ which seems to change daily!
We went on with our shopping and I let her pick some of the fruits & veggies for the week.. Then it was time to pick the watermelon~ and I was like hmm??? I remember growing up hearing learning about smacking watermelon and listening for that "thump" that meant is was sweet. Not sure of the Science behind it but I come from a long line of Southern people that swear by and who am I to argue?!? I wanted to share this with my daughter...
I was like 'I got it!; we will feel for it.... So there I am smacking the melons while holding my hand on the other side to feel the vibration going through the melon, and yes it took a lot of concentration and quite a few melons before I could feel the difference.... and then I taught my daughter, who was now out of boredom~ twirling beside me! We stood there smacking the melons and discussing whether this one or that one would be sweet...the color and designs on the melons and so on... We were all smiles as we walked back to our cart with the perfect watermelon!
As we walked on I shared the story of to picking melons with my dad as a kid...
I also learned that watermelon is her new favorite food!
I feel like I'm learning everyday! Most of the time it comes from having no idea what I'm doing!!! I'm simply doing what I can and trusting God with the everything else... I still worry that I am not enough, that I'm not mother enough for her not being Deaf myself, but at least she will grow up learning how to smack melons!
Yeah, and she can say she got that from me!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Said the "F" Word to my Daughter...but never want to say again.

So you read the title...I said the 'F' word to my daughter. My face immediately turned a few shades of my mind went back to hearing the same words growing up.
It may not be the "F" word you are thinking of it's the one where the 'F' come at the's the word "IF."
It seemed growing up I heard this 'IF' word from, friends, teachers, and even people at church. Mostly it was about my weight or how I looked, but there were others as well concerning my lack of social skills or education.
"You would be pretty IF.."
"You have a pretty face IF only you might"
"IF you only tried harder...."
"You could...."IF" only you..."
I honestly grew to hate the word... I know it's meant to help ease the pain of the statement, but does it?
Let's compare: The blunt version:
    You need to lose weight so myself and others will find you more attractive.
The so called kind "IF" version:
     You are somewhat pretty in the face, but you are still lacking any real beauty of any value because you are so overweight.
As a grown woman I can't imagine saying either to a child....
Then again, I did...
I said it to my own beautiful daughter. It was concerning her behavior, and it was wrong. As soon as I said that dread "F" word I hugged her and re-formed my statement. I purposed to guard my words more carefully.
I can't change the past, but I will change the future. I never want my daughter, any of my daughters to feel that they are incomplete because they are enough. They are beautiful, funny, and smart...each one different and blessed with special gifts from  God.
There is no "IF" needed.

Monday, April 20, 2015

When Teddy Bears Go To Church...

This weekend seemed to go by in a blur....doesn't every weekend?!? I don't know about you, but I start my 'Weekend To Do List' on MONDAY! There is just never enough time and I am always running behind....but am I?
Sunday morning I was so eyes seemed to scream to close as I shuffled to the bathroom. A splash of cold water~ looking at the tired, haggard woman staring back in the mirror~ she needed to get her children ready for church. I will be honest, Sunday morning are a lot of work, blessed work, but work just the same! I pick the dresses, fix the hair, and find the shoes....all while dealing with meltdowns, keeping kids from making art on the walls, stopping fights, feeding the dog, getting breakfast, drying tears & soothing hurt feelings, and a million other things! So yeah, I'm that mother that kind of collapses in to the pew with a sigh of relief and then looks down to find someone else's booger on her dress!
So you may be wondering why I do it?!?
Well, it's simple~ I love God and I want my children to love Him too!
I saw this simple lesson unfold before my eyes early this last Sunday morning~ when the teddy bears were going to church!
I heard silence~ which is never a good thing around here! Well, this particular moment it was just the good thing I youngest two children were in their room dressing their Teddy Bears for church! They were encouraging them to put on their shoes quickly, sang 'Jesus Loves Me' as they brushed the fur...even added a bow on an ear, and repeated the little life lessons they have heard so many times... They were telling them all about God and how much He loves them! I just stood there and was a simple reminder of what is really important!
 So, hopefully if you ever feel that it's just too much...just not worth it...I hope you think of this little story.
I may feel that I'm running behind, but I'm running toward HOME and I'm taking my children with me...and maybe even their Teddy Bears too!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

~Little Love Notes~

I don't know about you, but my kids love to draw and write little notes! They love giving me lot's and lots and lots and lots and lots of letters, notes, and pictures!!!!!! I keep most of them, but I'm thinking I may need to buy another house soon just for all of the paper around here!!!!
One day my eldest asked for one of my sticky notes...I wanted to yell "NO!" and curl up in a ball hiding my 'precious' and snarling~ as I'm just a little psychotic about my sticky notes! After the flash of green left my eyes, I smiled and handed her one this is what she brought back~
Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!?
I had the idea of gluing it on the calendar page of my planner!!! I use my planner for homeschooling, home management, budgeting, & etc so I see this little note a lot!!!
I love that I have inspiration at my finger tips, and I'm not using as much paper! I recently put a little picture of my daughter sitting on Jesus' lap that she had drawn after teaching them story of Jesus Blessing The Little Children. I attached that one on my lesson plan page as a reminder of why I do what I do...
I love the idea of keeping those little memories!!!
I love little love notes...  this was a gentle reminder that my children love them too! If you will excuse me, I'm off to go write a little note and hide them in their workbooks!
~ How will you show your family your love today? I would love to hear it in the comments!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another New Year

Another New Year....where are we are a family? Where are we on our journey? We just had a really hard Christmas with my broken ankle and the Cat being hurt, and the car break in and I could honestly keep going! It's been hard. and today it just got a lot harder.
With all of that...we are blessed! We had so much to celebrate! We had to lay down the "perfect Holiday" and pick up the true joy of having time with the one that came to earth for us. The love that surrounded our home was so rich and peaceful. We all go through hard time, but we go through them together.
I'm hoping the year improves, but at the moment we give thanks in the middle of it.