Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yeah, So We Got A Dog!

Now I know what you are think, well at least what I was thinking....if any family in the world does NOT need a dog it's this one! We already have our challenges and stresses and this mom doesn't need one more thing to take care of!!!!
...but then I saw her face!
 She came up to me so sweet and snuggled into the palm of my hand. Oh, man, I was falling fast!

I also, saw my kids' faces begging me for a dog!

Oh, and my husband! Oh heavens, what's a mom to do?!?

We heard about some pre-shelter (sounded better than muts!) puppies that needed a home~
Photo Credit: Emily
 I was so blessed to meet some amazing people that took in this pregnant dog, gave her a life and pre-natal care! They are some of the best people in my book, to love so deeply~ making the world a better place!
So yeah, we got a dog, her name is Sandy. She is so precious! She is quite stilled at chewing up our stuff, and quite talented at going potty on the carpet. We love her, we can't help it! She is so sweet sleeping at the foot of our bed. We are pretty blessed to call her a part of our family.