Sunday, March 31, 2013


We had a beautiful Easter!!! We spent the day with James' family... We saw a Easter Drama to which my 6 year old sobbed and had to be taken out of the service. She has such a soft heart!!

We were then blessed with one of the ladies asking if she could take family photos for us!

We had a nice lunch with the family and the cousins loved playing together..

I love getting together with family! Makes me wish we lived a little closer to mine.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Times When I Think Of Her Most..

One of the times I think the most of my mom is Easter.. She always made sure I had a pretty dress, hat, shoes, etc for Easter. She also made sure that I had curls...I can still feel the sponge roller between my fingers...

She struggled a lot and a lot of times doing my hair was just too much for her.. I was constantly ridiculed at school as that just added to my ugly fat girl image. I hated my hair...I hated myself most days even from an early age, except on Easter!

I remember my dad would take my picture outside before church.. He would tell me how nice I looked and remind me to thank my Mama. I loved seeing my family after church, and picking the pretty yellow flowers that seemed to bloom just in time for Easter Sunday! I guess you could say that was the one day a year~ I bloomed too.

Now my girls sit in my lap as I get those same spongy rollers and I roll their beautiful long hair as thy fiddle with the curler between their fingers. I giggle as we watch a movie~trying to get them to sit still.. I tell them that they are beautiful.. I never want them to feel the way I did...

I wonder if one day they will sit on the floor with their daughters and think of me... I wonder if they will remember the stories I tell them about my mom... By then they will have their own stories...

So for now... I will just enjoy getting them ready for Easter Sunday.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Toothbrushes....Worthy Clutter!

So now I am on to the bathroom... We have a very small family bathroom. We have a master bath, but somehow everything ends up in this very small space?!? There were

So I needed a way to keep the ledge tidy and keep everyone dental hygiene items, well hygienic. So I looked at some other ideas then it hit me... It is worthy clutter! We all want a a healthy mouth as well as bodies. I just needed to contain the worthy clutter~ in cups! YAY!

We all have our favorite characters.. We love certain colors... Organization was born:

So each cup has a toothbrush in their favorite color, their own tube of toothpaste(thank you coupons!), and a weeks worth of dental floss picks!!!!

I love this!!! I think it is my new favorite thing!
Oh, and hubby's cup is SpiderMan! ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family Weekend at the Deaf School

We are having a great weekend!!!!! We are spending the weekend on campus of the deaf school a couple of hours away!!! 

We learned so much at the classes & presentations!

 Our girls made new friends...

We were impressed with the art!!!

Our oldest (hearing) enjoyed the dramatic arts and meeting other kids with deaf siblings!

Our two youngest loved playing, learning some new vocabulary, and
making new friends!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little More Organized...And A Months Worth Of Toilet Paper

So now I am on the the linen closet...
Okay I don't really love it.. I need a larger hanging basket and maybe move the towels there.. Also I took the pic on the same day I was washing a bunch of sheets.. So the left side is usually a little more full...
So it is a work in progress, but it still looks better than it did..

Also, check out that toilet paper! Just that is a months worth of TP for our family of 5.. Now with it being moved to this lower shelf everyone can reach and I hear my name screamed from the bathroom less often. It is a beautiful thing. ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Starting To Get Organized...

Like I said...STARTING!
Honestly there is stuff everywhere! It is driving me crazy! So now that the girls have been home for a while I feel like I can get some things off my To Do List!
Number 1. is organizing my hall space~
So there ya go... The big pink basket will soon be replaced to a blue, but for now it will work.
I really love being able to find everything..

We went a a trip soon after I did this and it was so nice going right to the container to find the little shampoo bottles!!! I am weird I know... LOL!

More to come...for now I will just look at this cabinet and not the pile of clothes on the couch! ;)