Friday, November 8, 2013

The Shocking Along The Journey!

So I had a weird shopping moment, shocking right?!?  :)~ 

Anyway, I was kinda tired...daddy had the older two with him as he went to pick up an item...

So was kind of mindlessly wondering through the store....looking at one of the high shelves as I moved my cart haphazardly into the isle...blocking a young man's way. I became quickly aware as he sighed loudly and looked quite agitated... 

I smiled~ obviously  embarrassed, and said "I was so sorry" as I moved my cart back over.. 

Well, this young man grabbed his private parts in a male-dominating manner, cocked his head to the side as he strolled by (still thrusting himself~ I might add! Yeah, I was mortified!) saying "I'm sorry *Hmmph* I like that!! That's what I'm talking about.."

I was a little shocked! 
This wasn't the response I expected, but it got me thinking... 

Was the world so unkind to the young man that he honestly thought I was being rude on purpose?  

Why was he surprised that I would apologize? 

Has the world changed so much and I missed it while raising a family? 

Why do know what I would rather not know that last one.

I guess I am thankful that my girls were not with me...well, one was, but she was sleeping in the buggy.
I know one thing, they grow up learning to treat people nicely if I have anything to say about it. 
We make mistakes...that's why we have "I'm sorry-s." 

Second of all... 
I am starting to see myself as and old lady with the embarrassment factor of a teenage girl! Well, I guess that's why I have a blog! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Breaking The Sugar Chain

Well, here we are a week after our trip home (more of that on the in the previous post...and we getting back on the healthy track! We came home on Halloween day, and life seemed to add more sweets on us!

We took the kids out to Noni & Papas for dinner with all of their little cousins, and then let the trick-or-treat on their street so it wasn't that much candy...but still it all adds up!

So being the sneaky mama I am....I replaced all of the candy in the candy dishes with individually wrapped dried prunes! Muuaaaahhhhaaaaaaa!!! Yes, that's right, PRUNES!!!!!

One of my daughters has always had tummy trouble so I figured~ Win, WIN!!!!

We shall see how it goes, but so far 2 of my three like them...

So here is to all your mamas trying to break the sugar chain with your, have a candy!