Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Don't Organize The Forks...and other confessions

Yep, you read it right I confess that I no longer organize my forks from the spoons! I know, it is just awful but at the same time each time I toss that cutlery basket into the drawer I smile a little inside...

I am sure some of you may cringe, but this is my new normal...brought on by a very good, yet hard conversation with our adoptions worker.... Her opinion was hire someone to help with the house, or find short-cuts! Then her words freed me from house-wife guilt "with 3 special needs kids, you just can't do it all." So since a housekeeper wasn't in my budget I went with the shortcuts!

I now enjoy baskets in closets that hide the clutter, a messy fork drawer, a basket for the shoes near the front door, laundry that is not sorted by color, and many others...most of all I enjoy more time with the family.

 I also enjoy more sleep as I am not up cleaning till 2 AM the night before a home visit.

While your "normal" may not be the same as mine with speech therapy,  physical therapy,  play therapy, family therapy,  school,  IEPs,  weekly home visits,  checkups & growth checks,  homework,  online ASL classes, mounds of adoption paperwork, and other weekly family activities....I am sure you have your list of crazy that we call "normal."
 So let me release you...you can't do it all. So what short-cuts do you make? Leave a comment and let me know.. :)

You know...now that I think about it~ I could just stock up on SPORKS!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Yucky Stuff Along The Journey

Yes, today I am talking about two things that I really don't like one is laundry and the other is PUKE! Even worse when the two combine~ Ewwwww!!!!!!!!

I hate the tummy bug and with school back in session I know our girls will bring it home...

So I wanted to find out how other moms deal with the piles of bedding, sick blankets, dollies, and clean-up towels that come with our babies pets, or hubby is sick.. So what do you do? Any tips? Please share in the comments below!

I'll go first.. Here is what I do now:

1. Shake off...well you know.

2. Prewash with a couple of drops Dawn Dishsoap on cold. I figure if it is chemically produced to dissolve food, well, puke is food...um sort of I guess. ;)

3. Do a short soak/prewash with a few drops Tea Tree Oil. TTO kills germs, viruses, and gets rid of odors naturally.

4. Launder as normal on hot or as garment suggests. 

Your turn, what do you do to get those fabrics to once again comforts your sickies?