Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Little Change??

So as we are going into another school thoughts go toward what I can do to help my kiddos. One to the big issues we faced last year: the study of Money and Independent Learning. After a little looking online, I came up with some layered learning that I think will help my big girl..
It all started with a with a snack tray, play money, and some stickers!
 So we first start with simple sorting... I love "layered learning" which boosts confidence and gets the child comfortable with a new task, especially if they have a hard time learning.
Then we layer the simple sorting...
This time when sorting, you see the monetary amount for each coin...when she's comfortable  I shall remover the original, sticker square. Keep sorting!
 Then I simply place all the squares and add the name of each guessed it, slowly remove other squares till just the name squares remain. At this point you should be able to interchange the squares and know everything about each coin.
Then, adding coins...making changes.... the ideas are endless!!!!!  I hope this gives you some ideas....I am thinking colors and shapes for my preschoolers!!! Enjoy!!!