Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Tis The Season...Well Almost!

So we usually wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving, but this year I think I am going to need a little more time getting into the "spirit" of things. You see this year a few things are going to go a little differently...we are not going on our annual Disney trip for Thanksgiving, we are not going home for Christmas to see my family, and the hardest of all ~without a miracle it looks like we may not be getting placement in time for Christmas. .
We held so many hopes and dreams for this Christmas...

In all of this there is still the joy of Christmas. We celebrate that Our Savior came in the world, and as a part of that we decorate our homes, our rooftops, and okay and pretty much everything that will sit still!!! So this is where I started getting ready; with one simple decoration~

I love this little candle warmer with the little snowflakes, the warm glow, and the wonderful scent it reminds me so much of the the little things that makes life so special, love that warms our hearts, and the smell of warm goodies from the oven shared with family & friends.

So when were do you begin...what fills your home and heart this time of year? 

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