Thursday, November 10, 2011

~The Adoption Family Fair~

So the adoption fair went great!!!! It was such an amazing experience and not one I will soon forget...

It was in a large, loud, bustling room that I would associate with the New York stock exchange! The room was set up with tables forming a large circle with placing(the ones that have kids available) social workers on the inside and hoards of hopeful families, huddled masses pushing and inching their way around the outside for those few precious minutes with the one person that might possibly have their child. The social workers trying to be friendly some showing signs of fatigue and burnout in their face; while others had the excitement of a child showing off a new doll as they handed out pictures of children in need of homes.

Then there were the want-to-be-mothers walking around with pictures and information of a possible placement tenderly holding the pages as though they were as delicate as the little one pictured, yes that was me. The sadness in the eyes, hidden by smiles as they had to hand the pictures back to the social workers at the door. They are silent as they walk down the long hall to the elevator with inside fluttering and minds swirling...then stepping out of elevator and into the sun feeling the warmth; same as the warming in the heart. Then is returns-in an instant; that sinking feeling that comes when ones has nothing left to do but wait....only this time having a little more hope and a picture seared into one's mind not to mention heart.


  1. Please forgive the typos...I blog late at night! :)

  2. I would blog like a drunk late at night. Lol NOT coherent. :) That's also why I have spell check on my Firefox. Lol

    So I really do hope and pray that you get your babe(s) soon! I have you on my daily prayer list.:)

  3. Thanks so much for the prayers!!! We need them, so do our babies!