Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas!!!!

Well, Thanksgiving was amazing!!!! Now we are on to, friends, lights, food, carols, sweets &  treats, the tree, decorating, and most of all a Savior.

We as a family are putting off getting the tree just in case we have little ones to help us decorate...just praying that our social worker is really Santa Claus in disguise! We shall see and we have a date in mind and we will get a tree, that is if we don't hear anything, but it is looking really good right now! More to come about that later... 
The rest of the house is mine.....the mantel, the walkway, and pretty much every counter-top in the house is in need of some decoration!!!! That of course means lot's of Disney stuff!!!! We try to go to Disneyland every year and usually at Christmas time so I add a piece every year...hoping to add another piece soon, maybe a few! 
So lets bust out the box of decorations, put on the carols, and beautify everything with the joy of Christmas!!!! 
....and for those of you that get snow; make a snowman for me! Because for now mine only comes by way of a snowglobe. 

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