Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~Our Adoption Reading List~

So we have been doing a lot of reading to get ready for our adoption... I thought I would share some of the books on our list. 

~Our Adoption Book List~

The Bible~ Our Guidebook Of Life!
The Adoption Decision: 15 Things You Want To know Before Adopting,  By: Laura Christainson
Successful Adoption: A Guide For Christian Families By: Natalie Gillispie
Your Guide To Adoption,  By: Focus On The Family
Our Bible~ Training them up in the way they should go...
Handbook On Thriving As An Adoptive Family,  By: David & Renee Sanford
The Connected Child,  By: David Cross, Wendy Sunshine, & Karyn Purvis
Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, By: Sherrie Eldridge 
Parenting the Hurt Child, By Regina Kupecky

Our Family Bible~ Devotions together as a family! 
After the Dream Comes True,  By: Michelle Gardner
Before You Were Mine, By: Susan TeBoss, & Carissa Woodwyk 
Talking To Young Children About Adoption,  By: by Ms. Mary Watkins and Dr. Susan Fisher M.D

 For Friends & Family
Wrapping Around Adoptive Families,  By: Focus On The Family


  1. I finally got around to coming to check this out. Got it written down! :) I'm going to check the library and Amazon. Thanks for compiling this, Eva!

  2. Oh, you are so welcome! I hope it helps... is where I got a lot of them and for pretty good prices, well other than the library! :D