Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gorgeous Skin For The Journey!!!

It's the weekend!!! So for me that means lot's time out with hubby, and a great way to start a weekend is with a little pampering...gotta look my best for Mr. Hotness!!! ;)

So whether your weekend is soccer with the kids, a day at the beach, shopping with girl friends, or spending time with the love of your life get that gorgeous face glowing a little more with a little pampering!

Here are a couple of my favorite face masks, enjoy~

Honey & Oat      ~Great for dry, sensitive, itchy, winter skin!
  • Oats, about half a handful..
  • Honey, a good squeeze, about a tablespoon..
  • About a tsp of (plain for sensitive skin) yogurt
Mix well, and gently slather on to warm damp skin in a circular motion to gently exfoliate....allow it to sit for a few minutes and gently wash off mask and dab dry with a soft towel. Use a gentle Toner (recipe soon to come) and follow with a nice moisturizer. Fabulous!!

Creamy ~ Dreamy Mask   

  • 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado~smashed
  • A good dollop of yogurt (lemon or strawberry gives you a mild antioxidant!) 
  • About a tsp of honey
  • A tsp-sh of aloe juice (optional; if you have a plant around the house) 
Whip well and apply to freshly cleansed & exfoliated skin ...leave on for about 30 minutes; which I use this time for a nice cup of tea and a girl movie of great book and just relax! Rinse face and apply moisturizer...then  go out and enjoy that beautifully hydrated skin!

You will notice I didn't put super strict amounts of the ingredients because I want you to make these masks your own... I want you to enjoy pampering yourself and believe in your abilities to take great care of yourself and bask in your beauty!
~Because you are beautiful...glow, baby, glow!!!! 

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