Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Did I Get Here??

As I sit here it is 6:34 AM and I ponder over my ice water(don't do the coffee in the mornings, yet) how I came to love my morning quiet time? In those few still moments before the children arrive, hubby is up wanting breakfast, and the kitties are meowing at my feet that I find such peace...the kind of peace that lasts the entire day.
It is in that time that commune with my Savior, find my inspiration, and collect my thoughts & ideas for the brand new day. I reflect on my mistakes the day before and am reminded of His it is made new every morning. 
I remember that girl that would sleep to the last possible second, and would always be running late...if she had only known how wonderful these moments were and how wonderful her quiet time would be maybe she would have gotten here a little bit sooner. 

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