Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Journey In Pictures, Pizza, & Promises!

These are some of the pictures from the Adoption Fair last week. It was such an emotional journey as I am sure you can tell by the look on our faces...

So we decided to match, well sort of... Hubby looked awesome!!! 

One HOT daddy-to-be!!!!  

 A kiss for good luck!!!

 Happy, excited, nervous tears...after prayer time.

We couldn't take any pix at the adoption fair, but we felt that it was positive and decided to go out to eat at one of our favorite places..Roma's! It is this little place that James went to a lot growing up,  also where we had our first dinner date, told his parents that we were getting married, AND had our rehearsal dinner so it just seemed fitting! 

Also home of some of the best paste ever!!!!

 So ready to eat!!!

I just couldn't stop smiling!!!! 


Now to go home and wait...trusting in the promises of God. This is the hardest part of the adoption journey, the waiting...Thankfully He gave us His Word full of promises, here are a couple we hold to: 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.            ~Jeremiah 29:11

Leave your orphans behind; I will protect them.                        ~Jeremiah 49:11a

We leave our little ones in God's hands~wrapped in His love, and can only pray that He lays them in our waiting arms soon...  


  1. I loved reading this post. It was so encouraging to see how you revel in every detail in your journey. I wanted to tell you that I KNOW in my heart that there will be a day when you look down into that child's (children's) eyes and get that confirmation in your heart "GOd this is the joy you were preparing for us this WHOLE time!" What a day that will be and Im so glad that I as a friend, get to hear all about that amazing experience one day! We love you both and are praying for your joyous day to come to pass!