Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Journey To Cleaner Clothes... maybe not cleaner, but definitely cheaper! I decided to join Amazing Amanda..the Duggers..and many more in the quest to make our own laundry detergent. It was such an easy process and only about $7 for a six month supply!
So we started with the basics:

I made the dry version which works pretty well, even with our hard California water~even better in hot water!

  • 1 cup of Borax
  • 1 cup of Washing Soda (NOT baking soda) 
  • 1/2 Bar of Fels-Naptha or Zote  FINELY grated.. 
You can also add a little Oxyclean & a few drops of Essential Oil, but I didn't try those at this time...

You only need a tablespoon for most loads & 2 for heavily soiled loads...

Then you just whisk well and put in a pretty jar or container to make laundry day a little more special!!! There you go...Divalicious Laundry!

*As always keep out of reach of children, don't eat it, don't put it in your eyes...blah...blah...blah!

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