Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our First Adoption Family Fair!!!

We have our first Adoption Fair in the morning and I am just a basket of nerves!!! I have practiced my "I will be a good mother, I swanny" smile in the mirror at least a thousand times!
I am armed with collage pages, homestudy copies, and a lot of prayer!

I keep trying to think of funny, yet serious things to say that will make them remember us... I am much more of a wall-flower than a mingle type so this is really killing me!!

Now for the big decision: WHAT TO WEAR?!?! Should we match?? Color Coordinate? Oh, or Wear Opposites to show our individuality?? The possibilities are endless!!

I will have to post a pic tomorrow when I figure it all out...cause for now I am off to put my hair up in rollers!


  1. Good luck Eva. Any kid would be lucky to have you and James as parents. Let us know how it goes! BTW, I vote for matching colors. Just because I am nerdy like that. ;)

  2. Thanks, Amanda! We went with complimentary colors...Jay wore a white button down shirt & khakis and I wore an ivory blouse & brown skirt...