Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Journey To a Cheaper Kind Of Soft...Clothes That Is!

So I love, I mean love my fabric softener!! There is nothing like some super softer, warm jams in the winter! The only problem was the cost...I mean I could do okay with my coupons, and free samples by mail which I will be posting about in the future, but it was still more than I wanted to spend...

So being the DIY kind of girl that I am I set out to find a recipe! I looked over a few, and came up with a mixture of a few that I really like, here is what you need:

  • 2 Cups of HOT (not boiling) water
  • 2/3 Cup of Conditioner (pick a great scent)
  • 1 Cup of Vinegar
  • Some Essential Oils (Optional) 
So let's get started~ 

Add your HOT, not boiling carefully to a large bowl...

Now it is time for one of my favorite tips...line your measuring cup with wax paper or tin-foil to measure conditioner!!! This saves so much time cleaning up!!! I do this with measuring grease for making biscuits too ~such easy clean-up and no slimy hands!!! :D If you have a soft silicone whisk you can also line the bowl in foil, but the metal one that I have will tear the you can see what works best for you.

Lined measuring cup!!

Add Conditioner....I had to eyeball the amount cause my other measuring cup broke. 

Add the conditioner to the hot water...

Whisk till nice and frothy!!!

Add the vinegar....Yep I buy it by the gallon!!!

Add your essential oils if you like...for added scent! 

Shake well in your empty container!!! You will need to shake again after it cools and occasionally..

There you go...enjoy your soft clothes!!! So go curl up in your super soft jammies with a great book! 


  1. what kind of essential oils do you use?

  2. You know it depends on the scent of the conditioner..

    Lavender & Vanilla to go with some conditioner of the same scent...Ahhh, so relaxing!

    I mix up little orange, vanilla, & tiny (and I mean tiny!!) nutmeg for a nice Holiday scent with some yummy vanilla conditioner...great for snuggly pajamas!

    I know someone that uses lemon!

    *Just a reminder: think drops!! 10 drops is the MOST I ever use!!!

    It really just depends on your preference, but to be honest I don't always use it...

  3. Oh, and for cloth diapers it is recommended that you just use the vinegar and water! :D How's that for cheap & easy?!?

  4. I just made my first Orchid Scented Fabric Softner it smells so good, Im so proud of myself...I cant wait to buy the stuff to make the detergent...Im sooo excited..I love your blog its so helpful and fun!!!

  5. Yay!!! i am so excited for you!!!!