Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paperwork, Problems, & Pom Poms!

Just some musings of a rhyme, no reason, just all the stuff floating in my exhausted brain.

On this adoption journey there is A LOT of paperwork!!!! Just when you think you are finished with the paperwork..your social worker calls asking for more paperwork! That is when we just smile and get a pen...knowing that the good will out weigh frustration, headache, and the carpal tunnel!

I have heard the term "Paper Pregnant" that one of my girl friends just a hot-button-topic in the online adoption community. Where as I am a bit more tongue in cheek with it...
 I guess it would explain the swelling in my wrists where some women get it is their ankles. ~Just kidding!

We are also slowly learning to take problems one at a time as our new little family is starting and we are so close to having our girls home... Little things like car problems & home projects will always be part of life. We just stick together & muddle through the best we can... Soon, we will take on their problems too. We are family it is what we do...
I am reminded of what one of my college instructors would always say, starting with the question "How do you eat an elephant?" Answering... "One bite at a time.."

One of the best parts of being in a family is that we are loved unconditionally.. There is always someone in your corner.  We are always there to cheer each other on...pom poms up and screaming at the finish line that you can make it!

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