Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Prayer~

I am thinking of you, my darlings & I can only hope that your Christmas is wonderful...
To each of you, I want you to know~ I am praying for you especially at this time of year...

I pray that you are happy. I hope you are sitting around the tree with the people blessed enough to love & care for you till we can bring you home...I pray for them too.

I pray your Christmas is filled with music...songs of a Savior coming to earth that will guide your coming safely home to us. 

I pray that you have gifts to open, but more than that I pray The Greatest Gift Of All comes and holds you close if you are sad this Christmas.  

I pray that you see the twinkling lights, and smile.. I pray that one day you come to know the Light Of The World...I hope I am there to see it! 

I pray that like your stocking ~ you are filled with joy...God gave us you; getting ready for you to come home has already filled our home with joy! 

I pray you feel loved, and wish you knew how much I already love you. More than I, God loves you my darling. 
~He loves mommy too. He knows how much she wanted you home this Christmas. He dries her frustrated tears and comforts her year, my daughter, next year. He gave us each of you and even if we have to wait, you are the best gift this Christmas. 

 I will see you soon~ I love you.
 Merry Christmas.


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