Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year On The Journey...

Happy New Year!!! 

Yep, it is a new year...let's have a toast! 
 Our New Year's Eve Toast~ Apple Juice!!!
A year of hope and promise... 
As many of you I made a few goals. I want to get healthier!!! Healthier in my heart, my mind, and of course my body. 
So here are a few...

1.  Spend More Time With My Heavenly Father.
 I grew up right~ saying my bedtime prayers every night!
Sadly I confess that in some ways...I haven't grown up much. I love talking to God during the day the same way I would call up my daddy(yep, in my 30's and it's still daddy) and tell him about my day, stresses, and the kids...He is always there for me. :) 

2.  Learn To Treasure My Health.
 I have so much weight to lose and a lifetime of eating issues.  I also need the energy to workout, the time, and the determination. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and give up the way I have so many times. This time the stakes are so much higher...I have three little girls watching. 

3.  Nourish My Marriage. 
 I am so in love with amazing man!!!! I want to show and not just feel him a little more respect. It is so easy to get so busy and exhausted trying to be a good mom...forgetting to also be a good wife. He deserves so much... He is the love of my life!

4. Enjoy My Daughters' Childhood.
I get so busy with three different types of therapy, homework, school, potty training, and everything else that comes with being a mom that sometimes forget to have fun...  I want to paint, draw, play, and create! I want to build memories.. Giggle... Play...

5. Blog More. 
 I am going to try to blog at least once a week! Yep, I said try! ;) 

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