Monday, July 28, 2014

Staying Cool While Going Bananas!

First of's hot! We are enjoying the last of our summer, and we really love enjoying it with cold & yummy treats! So as a mommy I wanted something healthy for our family.. 
So I can't remember where I saw it, I want to say it was a kid's show.. 
Nana I'cream!!!! Well, that's the way my Little says it! 
So for this yumminess, we start with really ripe bananas... 
~You know that mom in the produce section with the 3 huge, 15 pound bags of old bananas?? Yep, that's me! I dry them, use them in smoothies, and now make Ice Cream!!!
I just break these little beauties up, toss them on a freezer sheet, cover, and freeze!
Toss them in the food processor with a splash of milk, I use almond. 

Then spin! I added a splash of vanilla since I don't really like bananas...ummm, but I LOVE this!!!! 
Then, I just serve it up!!!! This time, my girls wanted chocolate sprinkles...funny since they have only had them like once in their lives! Anyway, we made pretend-chocolate-sprinkles with Chia & Flax Seeds!
I am sure there are so many things you could add~ PB, cocoa, etc!!! I hope you enjoy it too!!!!

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