Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~Meeting Our Girls~

We sat in the van our hearts pounding...waiting on the social worker to arrive to show inside and introduce us to two of our girls. I smiled, looking down at my hands tightly clutching 2 stuffed animals we had brought for the girls.
I seemed lost in that moment, wanting to take it all in...

At last the worker arrived and I somehow made it across the yard with shaky knees and a pounding heart. Our worker knocks and a sweet little 5 year old girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes comes flying around the social worker to give me a hug! It seemed in that moment the whole world just whirled around me with I knelt down hugging my little girl...

She then ran up to Hubby showing him her little picture book we had sent her and announced that she knew who he was, gave him a little hug, and asked if he wanted to see her toys & books. She was so excited as she started playing school...we were her students and she seemed to just love that attention. It felt so natural. It felt like home....<3

A few minutes into looking at toys & books I got another surprise~ the youngest came toddling up to me with her arms up wanting me to pick her up! We had been told that she was very shy and attached to foster-mom so not to expect much, boy were they wrong! She took turns running from me to James; giving us her little toys & playing peek-a-boo. She is just so cute with her shoulder length hair, soft brown eyes, and tiny little frame. ~All smiles and giggles! <3

After about 2 hours we got back in the car to drive to the other house with our hearts full of love! We couldn't stop smiling!!

We arrived and were brought into the playroom were we met our middle daughter.. We introduced ourselves in her the stuffed animal we brought for her and her foster-mom showed her our pictures in her book. Then it kinda *clicked* who we were and she was so surprised and happy to see us! She hugged Hubby first and LOVED his beard (So I guess I'm out voted!) and sat his lap and showed him the little book. She played with her toys and then brought over a brush to "fix' my hair...then wanted me to fix her beautiful long thick hair with her soft almost almond eyes sparkling with delight as I brushed her hair while she brushed her doll's... <3

We were so impressed at how many words in asl she knew and how easy it was to communicate with her..she is so smart! It was a little harder taking pictures of her; because she is deaf she is very visual so any distractions and she looks away. That is okay, the ones we did get are sooo cute! She then went and got her shoes and told her foster-mom and the worker that she was going home now...meaning with us. They told her she could go right then & that she had to wait and seemed okay with that, although I'm not sure I felt the same...
I want her to come home...I want all of them home.

We could not have asked for a better first visit!! We are just so blessed!!!
      You know they say there is no such thing as ~love at first sight...I think they are wrong. I knew in that moment that my heart would never be the is now in little pieces and I gave away three that day.

I guess you could say I loved my daughters at first sight....

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