Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Dumplin's ~ Big Love

If you know me, you know I love my husband!!! We are celebrating our anniversary in a few days, and I happened to have Chicken & Dumplings the other day... As I sat eating a steaming bowl of southern goodness my mind with back to our first year together as a young married couple.. We were ready to take on the world and sooo in love!!! You know that puppy's gross! 

I had spent the day making little heart shaped dumplings from scratch...I mean all stinkin' day in that tiny apartment kitchen that was about 10 thousand degrees! 
My sweet hubbers came home and met me at the table...starved as always! He eagerly ate his dumplin's as we talked about our day...our dreams! He asked for seconds and I smiled as I brought him another heaping bowl! 

As I went to clean up after dinner, he came around for some sugar and whispered in my ear.. "Can we eat other things from now on? I've never cared for Chicken and Dumpling." I whipped around with my hands on my hips in true Southern fashion calling him by his full name~ "ZXY, you ate two bowls full!?! I would have made you something else.. " 

That man sat there listening to me go on..and...on while choking down a meal that he hated with a smile on his face... That my, sweet readers, is LOVE! 

So now when I make one of my favorite dishes for our girls and myself I think of that night.. I think of all of the thing life has thrown at us and all of the hard times we would have to swallow over the years.. 
We always found a place at the table.. 
We always found the love.

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