Friday, July 8, 2016

Choosing Peace

There is so much pain and unrest in the world.. There is heartache and anger... I have been feeding into that anger... I have been shamed for my race.. I have lost sleep.. I have cried.. I have been angry.. I feel so deeply and on many levels an with that I have felt my peace slipping away..

So, I am choosing peace.
I'm leaning on the Prince of Peace. I'm reading His word. I'm reading books that feed my soul instead of so much Facebook and other media that feeds my anger, strong relentless anger.

I'm spending more time with my children.. I know for me, reading and watching my kids play is a place of peace.  As they draw pictures of our family with sidewalk chalk I'm reminded of all that I am blessed

I'm loving my husband. I'm talking to him when it all seems too much. I hold him, praying for those that aren't able their husband in their arms.

This is just the only healthy way I can deal.. I have to choose peace in my own life. I know life isn't fair...I know it's hard. I also know a God that can give peace in the hardest of situations.

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