Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Little Baskets...Little Helping Hands

So if you know me, you know I don't love cleaning.. That said, I feel like it is all I do!!! No seriously!!! 
 It's fine (whatever, it's not fine) when we are not too busy, but add homeschooling and raising three very busy little girls~ well, sometimes the house suffers!!! 
That is one of the reasons I have dedicated this summer to teaching the kids to help around the house... even if they are pretty sure it's going to kill them! What can I say, they don't like cleaning either...LOL. 
So I saw this idea on Pinterest... not sure who came up with it, but this is how we plan to use it in our home. *Fingers crossed!*
I found these tall little baskets at the dollar store...I thought a nice green might keep everyone calm. A mom can hope, right?!? 
 I put together items for each room of the house... Kitchen all in one basket, etc.
 This way I can take one basket and work with a child on how to use the items for said room. No more digging in my cleaning closet!! Then hopefully when they become skilled at cleaning that room I can just hand them the basket!!  It's kind of a jump up from the little chores they have been doing.
I also labeled them with a little tape and a sharpie... easy peasy!
I really hope this helps, and makes chores a little more fun!! I also helps it helps me to streamline cleaning when I am rushing around to get it done... because let's be honest~ we are moms, and their hands are small!

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