Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Laundry Lessons

It's summer!
It's summer and my kids are bored!
It's summer and my kids are bored, and the house is a mess!

Sooo...I'm working to teach my kids to help with the house work. I'm starting with the laundry with my seven year old...my seven year old that HATES to help clean!!

I had to pick up a few products, tips, & tricks.. The little packs of laundry detergent help so much with spills! 

I wrote the number to remind her of how many to add to a standard load..if it's a special load I plan to just do it myself. The little softener beads have a little line in the cap...easy peasy!

Then I marked the washer and dryer with a dry erase marker so she knows where to start them...again just for an average load. 

Oh, and she needed a little stool.. You gotta love her style with her camo shoes and mix-matched socks!

There she goes...so far she has done 2 loads and is pretty proud of herself!
One tip* Either pre-sort the loads or give them a color....say red and pink! ;) 

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