Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Christmas Break

~I just wanted to share what a blessing the break has been for my kids and I. I had wanted to do a little catch-up, but looked in their little eyes and thought better of it. Burnout was on our heels and we could all feel it! So we packed up the homeschool stuff, and put it away! We had some fun to be done! 

~ The week before I had complained to my bestie that I sometimes feel that I'm working away their childhood~ papers to grade, ASL vocab to learn, lessons to teach, breaking up fights, church responsibilities, housework(mounds of housework!), the laundry, household shopping, and the know the list, the never ending list! Uhhg!

~My eldest is starting the early stages of becoming a little lady, and I can already feel our relationship starting to strain a little bit..time is so precious. I don't want my children to grow up and remember me being at home, but not really in their lives, you know? I want a relationship with them. I want to look back on these what now seem tiring, stressful, endless days as some of the best in our lives.

~So, I really used this break (2 weeks) to work on my relationships with our children.. We have played games, watched movies, modeled with playdough (anyone else have a love/hate relationship with play dough?), and just spent time not every minute, and at they still enjoyed quiet reading when I just needed a break! I'm human after all! I can honestly say I feel closer with kids than have in a good long while. I love that about homeschooling..I am here and we can change what we are doing when needed.

~I also spent time teaching my little ones chores, one on one. This is something I have been putting off because to be honest~ my little ones are lazy, especially my middle child! I love her to bits~ she is the most tenacious child I have ever seen! So I made learning to do a couple of new chores a fun 1on1 time with mommy! A time of lots of praise, and teaching her how good it feels to see a job done well.
Hopefully with the 2 littles doing a bit more it will free me up to spend more time with my little loves! Last year I wanted more fun in our homeschool and we did it! I need to go back and post about that soon!

~ This new year I simply want more time with my children! I want the closeness that I feel can be woven onto our homeschool experience.. I simply want:

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