Friday, December 7, 2012

Those Blessed Words...

~ "You have court date!"
All I have wanted since last Christmas was for my girls to be mine by next Christmas... Signed, sealed, and delivered~ completely and legally mine! If you remember last Christmas was so hard for us...I spent many a night in tears, hopelessly waiting. You can see here.
We were matched, but we couldn't see was heart wrenching. All I wanted was my girls home for Christmas, and the only thing that gave me any comfort(other than my loving husband) was the hope and prayer that we would finalize by Christmas the following year.
Last Christmas God gave me such a precious gift, hope. Then He gave that hope a home. Now He is giving the hope..a forever.
I love my(our) girls so much!!!  I love my little family~ our soon to be forever family!

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