Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Baby Girl On Your Birthday...

Baby Girl,
    I love you so much! Today is your birthday!!!! You are now 4 years old!!!
      You are such a sweet and loving little girl with a sheepish little grin and always make me smile! You love everyone; you love your sisters, family, kitty cats, and Jesus the most! You love going to church, and you love talking to Jesus. You have such sweet, simple faith....I love that about you.
You are my funny face! You LOVE to PLAY!!!!!! You have quite the imagination!!! You like to play dress-up and you love your baby dolls!!!! You love the play mommy, and I catch you mimicking me in the mirror...You are just so cute!
     I know you will have many dreams and experiences as you grow up, and I am so thankful I get to see it!!! I am so blessed to be your mommy!!!! I know your plans will change, but right now as a 4 year old, you want to be a Doctor, a Mommy, and 'Dark' Vader!
I love you so much!!!!


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