Monday, March 14, 2016

My 'Why I Sign"

You may have seen the hashtag #whyIsign and wondered about it?? It's simply videos of people explaining why they sign in American Sign Language or ASL for short. These are Deaf, hearing CODAs (Children Of Deaf Adults), SODAs(siblings) and others that have had their lives impacted by ASL in a positive way. These videos are showing support of ASL for Deaf babies and children; especially with certain conferences about Deaf education attacking ASL in preference to oral only education for Deaf children.
Here is my why I sign video:
I messed up a few times... I am super critical and self-conscience when it comes to videos of myself! I honestly can't believe I'm even posting it, but I believe in solidarity of cause. Here is a rough  English version:
 I ask "What's wrong? Sick, are you sick?" She sleepily signs back "sick." I smile back and reply "No, you are tired?" She agrees and snuggles ready for sleep... I face the camera and explain "Why do I sign? Because my Deaf daughter is worth it! She needs to be able to communicate with me, and I need to be able to communicate with her.. Why? Family is important; like just like her~" 

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